Who wants my junk?

Ah, yes… I was speaking of the English language, not general Hoo-mahn language. Although I’m probably off by a wee bit there, too. But, I didn’t feel like looking it up. :slight_smile:

Well sad to say, I do not normally come into MPSIMS I lurk in GQ GD and IMHO.

was a rare chance I even checked this forum and even luckier to be the first to post.

I had to do a search for “white elephant” by the way.

might have to pay a bit more attention.


For those asking what kind of loot I aquired here is a list in order.

Hernia: is a damn heavy box and stupid me did not check before picking it up with my back and not my knees.
christmas wrapping paper and christmas bags. Just what a jewish boy needs! (just kidding I am not jewish I just thought it sounded funny)
Someones graduation picture: with maybe a grandmother or great aunt.
Book:Faith and the electric dogs
cookie tin containing two plastic bags with two fist fulls of pennies two quartes and a dime.
note reads gringotts bank
chrsitmas candle holder and candle holder possible aluminum, sented candle smells like… crayons. The tasty ones.
box of cards titles 52 silly things to do when you are blue
white cloth bag reads coup de soleil
batteries eveready AA four in pack.
one plastic wigget is long slender with two fork protusions at the end.
** vanity mirror

** box of notecards
cadillac glamour ritz-carlton
doll not quite a barbie, not endowed enough…
purse black, (not my color) contains calculator, weithwatcher point booster, various cards with recipies on them
book Oleanna Mamet
book a chraistmas carol
book the skull of truth looks to be a childrens book
book Vanity a very pecvuliar history
magazine Allure November 2004
pencils color 12
book the ladies room
CD new usic that moves you
book journel never used (no deep dark secrets sigh
shirt white tee shirt (xl), reads “the wolf is out for blood”
plastic bag pink translucent, (not my color.)
print out sheets a short story, chocolate cake recipe and a picture of the reverand Thomas Walker her 3rd great grandparents on her fathers side.
card reads “I get up, I walk, I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing”
cds Mind power Math, high school. Think someone is trying to tell me something.
lotion whipped silk body moisturizer (by st ives)
box Cat Noir vin Blac. Contains notecards that match cover.
box contains notecards “dogs in hats”
hair comb the kind of thingie women with long hair use to keep it up, a sparklie afro pick in my eyes.
extention cord 6 foot white.
mechanical pencil green e grip (no lead)
high lighter
plastic dish previous unknown plastic thing, fits into base… still nto sure what the hell it goes to.
cd Phil collins “hits”
dvd Bill and Teds Bogus journey a pizza hut offer
card with envelope reads Big Jazz night
bracelet silver like clasps, white string, alternating white and black beads
bracelet silver wire black beads
earring blue stone with 4 dangling clear balls
book “french verbs”
book cafe martin address book
magnet reads “to thine own self be true”
sticker for glass, reads “Golden key international honour society”
magnet of tea kettle reads cooking club life member
post card Pablo Picasso “portrait of Sylvette David in Green armchair, 1954”
card birthday “great farters thoughout history”
card birthday titled “does birthday cake make you fart” (seeing a theme here?
card birthday for friend (no fart jokes on this one)
notepad magnetic and inspirational
towelettes for cleaning eyeglasses.
notepad magnetic reads "the queen has spoken’
measuring tape 95 inches long and yellow.
hair things two left on package silver with white pearl like “stones”
needles for sewing and needles
** metal stick** knitting needle maybe?
chimes mini wind chimes on stand, 3 bars hanging on a half moon.
bell silver looking christmas kinda, no clapper so no noise.
bag black mesh with zipper, contains:pantiene combanother bell made of plastic pearls, a lu um lou… (um shower scrunchie scrubber thing)really cool glass egg.little red folding plastic mirror, and mandarin basil anti-bacterial hand cleaner (and it is waterless too!)
Whew… upon review blue plastic thing stands at the right height to stand the doll up (in a disturbing way)

Thanks Nsane!!!

DAMN that’s a lotta shit!