Who wears socks more often: men or women?

Who wears socks more often: men or women?

In my house it’s the men.

A great deal of women’s footwear isn’t enclosed shoes, while the footwear that men wear the vast majority of the time does consist of enclosed shoes. One wears socks with enclosed shoes, and otherwise, one generally doesn’t. So we guys wear a lot more socks.

I always wear socks because my feet get cold plus I hate wearing shoes while sockless. Women are almost universally barefoot these days. It’s men by a blowout margin.

In this household, my SIL and I always have socks, daughter and spousal unit don’t. We can’t even use the toddler as a tie-breaker because sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn’t. So I voter neither.

Not me. I can’t stand socks. Generally, the only time I wear socks is when wearing boots.

It has to be women, surely? Even in summer loads of blokes wear trainers/sneakers with those mini socks or sports socks, whereas women are often in sandals even if they wear trainers in the winter. And it’s still rare for men to wear heels, Mary-Janes, or ballet shoes or all the other types of shoes women wear that I don’t really know the names of despite being female and wearing them, and women sometimes wear boots with tights instead of socks in cold weather.

I can’t imagine women wearing socks more often than men.