Who were the Japanese girls rapping in "Blade"

The vampire movie “Blade” was on the other day. At one point the main characters walk through a bar/club and in the background are two Japanese women/girls rapping to some techno music. Can anyone identify the group?

There was thread about this a long time ago, but I’m having trouble finding it. IIRC, it was a band created for the movie, and there were no albums or songs released. The song in the movie isn’t even on the soundtrack.

There was an MP3 floating around with just the lines you hear in the flick looped a couple times, it was sort of like a song…

Ok, found the thread:

“The Japanese schoolgirl band is called Bang Wa Cherry, and the song is “Chin Chin.” Information about Bang Wa Cherry, like do they have an album, seems hard to find.”

Yer the best!