Who would be the Voice of your Robot House?

I liked this thread, and I was hoping it could continue anew.

Anyway, I’d pick myself, just because I’m too paranoid to trust anyone else…even if it wouldn’t be actually me. Actually, I’d probably be helping the house if it plotted against me. I may need to rethink this…

Who would be the Voice of your Robot House?

Bender Rodriguez.

After thinking about it entirely too much, I think I’d like to have either Tracie Reiss or Park Overall.

Glad to see the thread back.


You are braver than I. I’m much too paranoid for that. :wink:

What can I say? I like to live on the edge. :cool:

Stephen Fry, as Jeeves the “gentleman’s gentleman.” I want my house to sound like it’s my butler!

Groundskeeper Willie. Unrated version.

Orson Welles.

Though I like the idea of someone like Sigourney Weaver or Morgan Freeman, I think I’d have to choose somebody with an accent belonging to the country I was living in.

So I’d choose someone like Sam Neill, or Livinia Nixon.

Then again… Ross Noble would be a laugh.

WOPR, particularly if it is hooked into my game console and always wanting to play.

I agree, JipperJJ, Stephan Fry’s Jeeves would be lovely.

Morgan Freeman is the first to come to mind, but then I would think it was God talking to me.

I’d have the duty shared by Kevin Murphy and Trace Beaulieu.

Majel Barrett.

This is my first choice. Tom Baker comes in at at close second.

The Simpsons had an episode where Pierce Brosnan was the voice of an automated house (can’t find it on YouTube, alas). But I’d prefer having an upper-crust, sexy-but-correct Englishwoman’s voice for my house - Elizabeth Hurley, maybe? Or Amanda Donohoe, Helen Mirren, Amanda Pays or Keira Knightley. There are, ahem, several to choose from.

And for the Stephen Fry/Jeeves fans (and I count myself among them), here’s the next best thing: http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/lights/aef3/

Kelsey Grammer!!

Alex Trebeck!

Robot Williams (Goooooood morning, house)