Who is the Voice of Your Robot House?

Welcome to the home of tomorrow! Your new house has a variety of integrated computerized systems regulating security, light, temperature, automating simple maintainance, and even doing some chores for you! In addition, you can access online information by voice command anywhere in your home, which your computer can then read out loud to you.

Now, your household computer isn’t a true AI, but it is largely interfaced by voice. You have a variety of voice profiles to choose from, made by virtually any actor you’d like. This is the voicewho tells you that the dishwasher is done, that the room has been vacuumed, that you need to call the furnace man for maintainance (or that it’s already done so), that you have 4 new voicemail messages, and that your favorite team lost 6-4 last night. Who is the voice of your house?

My choices:
Majel Barret- For that Star Trek flavor.
This alarm clock demonstrates the appeal of a Stephen Fry model.
Similarly, Efrem Zimbalast Jr. (Alfred on most of Batman: The Animated Series)

Douglas Rain (HAL 9000). I’d even change my name to “Dave” to get the effect right.

Definitely Stephen Fry

I’ve always thought I’d love to have him both comfort me and insult me with his lovely voice.

Leonard Nimoy - duh!

I’d rather have Hugh Laurie play “House.”

Sean Connery

“My air filtersh need changing!”

“It’sh time to get up! Up and at 'em m’boy!”

“My shecond floor toilet ish leaking. Shall I call a plumber for ye, lad?”

That robot butler in “Sleeper”.

Seems like that was Douglas Rain, too!

My choice too.

Every time it spoke, I’d think, ‘I wonder if it’s plotting to kill me’. And that would be FUN. Because that’s the kind of guy I am. :slight_smile:

I’d go with John DiMaggio, aka Bender.

“I am house! Please insert girder!” Ha! I just realized that I’ve never before in my life typed (or written, I don’t think) the word “girder!” Try it!

Alan Rickman.

Oh, but I’d want a switch to move to “generic Irish lass” at times. Just when I need a pick me up.

I think Michael Caine would be just about perfect.

Jane Seymour during the day, Anne Archer at night.

Noooooooo! He’s mine!

Or Tim Curry. I guess I could have Tim Curry.

John Hillerman as Higgins from Magnum P.I..

Eartha Kitt. Her voice would make even doing laundry sexy. It would be incredibly difficult not to be aroused when told it is time for bed.

I would want several settings.

Sigourney Weaver
Daffy Duck
Morgan Freeman

I think I’d like a multi-personality house with differant voices for differant funtions.
Address-the-House reply- Computer voice from Star Trek TOS, that mechanical one. “Computer. Conect me to my email.” Computer- “Working”
Email/ online read out- House voice from Eureka- generic soft female voice
Home Maint.- Caretaker Willy
Security- RobCop

I may come up with others in a while.

After he did the voice in Demon Seed, how could you not choose Robert Vaughn.

Well, maybe Pierce Brosnan, after that Simpson’s episode that riffs on Demon Seed.

I’d take Douglas Rain, but he’s been overdone. Although I think tht, if Dave Barry gets one, Rain ought to do the voice. (“I’m sorry, Dave – I can’t do that…”)

Well, mine have already been chosen: Tim Curry or Leonard Nimoy.

James Earl Jones.