Whoa! Did Gilmore Girls just jump the shark? (11/15)

So I finally got around to watching GmoreGs from Tuesday.

Here there be spoilers-

Some would say it jumped when Luke and Lorelai hooked up but since the show was never based on their romantic tension that doesn’t really fit.


Luke has a daughter? A cute as a button, snarky smarty pants 12 year old daughter? I didn’t think Gilmore Girls would take the most traditional shark jump route of adding a cute kid to replace the grown up Rory.
Normally I’d hate it, but that actress who played her was so great I had to forgive it.

It kinda bugs me, too, but at least she has the potential of being an interesting character. I think the writers of this show are good enough to make it work if it becomes a major storyline.

What I dislike most is Luke’s insane jealousy of Christopher. He really overreacted, and clearly doesn’t trust Laurelei at all when it comes to him. That seems to be the only area where he can be a real jerk. I hope he gets over it.

It will jump the shark when Luke brutally rapes and murders his own daughter.

It will jump the shark in 6 years when Lorelie, Rory and the new girl do something,

I need to be alone now.

I don’t think this quite applies to the “cute kid” cliche; they made the new girl old enough to be an actual character rather than a prop. And I think it has more to do with giving the show a chance to examine more of Luke’s backstory (we pretty much know Lorelai’s biography).

I sort of didn’t care for the quick-fix on Rory’s life; it would have been dramatically preferable to show the cleaning up of her mess to be a little more difficult.

I don’t see that idea getting past the network.

Well, since the tension between Lorelei and Rory is gone, there has to be some drama coming from somewhere. I’m looking forward to where this will go. It’s seems pretty obvious that Luke is placing more importance on the fact that he has a daughter than the girl is placing on the new-found identity of her dad. I don’t see this storyline lasting too long.

What mess? She’s still doing her community service, she really only took one semester off from school, and everybody (except Emily and until a week or two ago, Richard) has been telling her from the beginning of the season that she needs to get back to school and do the Rory thing. Jess telling her the same thing was just the last push she needed. If Dean had showed up from his X-Files gig and told her the same thing, she would have reacted the same.

Luke didn’t react to Christopher calling because of anger or mistrust. It was from fear and insecurity, and it was perfectly understandable to me. Luke feels threatened by Christopher, and always will. He has a connection with Lorelei that Luke can never have – he’s Rory’s father, and no matter what happens will always be in their lives. And Emily has made it perfectly clear that she believes that Christopher would be better for Lorelei than Luke. In Luke’s mind, he is forever at a disadvantage in that contest. Even though it’s only a contest to him, and not to Lorelei or Rory.

I just wonder what Emily is going to buy the next time Richard marginalizes her life. What’s the next step after an airplane - a private island?

Woah, channelling Evil Captor much?

When the girl dropped the bomb, thats the very first thing I said “I think GG just Jumped” Luke seems to have difficulty with relationships, i think this will be a vehicle for the show to explore this.

One thing about this show I keep trying to figure out is exactly where the Gilmore’s money comes from. I’m guessing his job is just spending money from the lifestyle they lead; they must come from old money? Certainly a non-CEO level executive at a smallish insurance company is not going to be buying private 747’s.

Nah, this show jumped the shark back when Lorelei started having sex regularly. Took a lot of steam out of the show.

Everything about Richard and Emily’s attitudes and lifestyle screams “old money” to me. The debutante thing, Emily’s involvement in the DAR, her relationships with the endless stream of maid/cooks. That’s what I’ve always assumed.

If they haven’t outright said it, it’s out on the table that the Gilmores are old money. Look at the original Lorelai (Richard’s mom). She stepped right out of “Age of Innocence”.
I have to disagree about the whole “Luke has a daughter thing” going away. The way it was presented was “Get ready for her to be a regular next season.”
If she wasn’t intended to be around that often they wouldn’t have put her in a nearby town AND wouldn’t have made her on the cusp of the demographic they want for the show.
Thye also wouldn’t have made her so dynamic.

Something will probably happen to her mom (and didn’t she mention a “dad” at one point, yet she carries her mom’s last name.) and she’ll come to live in Luke and Lor’.

His reaction seemed way over the top and out of character. I have no problem with him being insecure about Christopher, but I have a hard time believing that that he would respond to th ephone call that way.

When Richard lost his job, he was in a money panic. It felt like they didn’t have the kind of money in reserve that would allow Emily to buy a plane. Buying a timeshare on a plane might still be realistic.

See I thought Luke’s response was perfectly fit with Luke. He turns on a time. That’s how he’s always been. It’s like he has this line and it takes a lot to get him to cross that line but when it happens, it’s BAM! It’s Wisteria lane (great line from Lorelai)!

Luke really see’s Christopher as the only real threat to their relationship.

typos a plenty… The onlythat matter is “Luke turns on a DIME” not time.

I thought Luke’s response was in character. After all, this is the guy that Lorelei had to bail out of jail in season 4 after he was arrested for kicking Nicole’s boyfriends’s car, and who started kicking it again when Lorelei dropped him off in front of Nicole’s place so he could get his pickup.

And Luke’s feeling that way is not entirely unfounded; Lorelai does always bail Christopher out (literally and figuratively) when he’s in trouble and she always forgives him when he screws up.

And if Christopher hadn’t of got Shari pregnant, Lorelai and Christopher were planning on settling down together.