Whoever you are, nameless geek, get out of town.

Fucker who interfered with Alou’s catch just now. Now the game’s tied up. Because you had to be a hotshot. I hope that ball is worth the loss of the playoffs.

Waht do you have against geeks? Antigeekite.

Sorry, Wikkit. He bore an uncanny resemblance to one of the leads in the movie Free Enterprise.

I’m a Braves fan, and I’m howling for that punk’s head on a platter anyway. This game has turned ugly.

Normally, I would point out that we already have a Pit thread on this subject, but no single thread could possibly be big enough for this ghodforsaken dungheap.


It’s just destiny. J/k

Heh, poor bastard. This is his third thread.

See, this is why the sane in the world have given up on baseball and are watching the Rugby World Cup. GO ENGLAND!

Even if the entire Chicago Police Department was charged with protecting this mope, he’d still end up with his head on stick, and rightly so. Stupid bastard, all he needed to do was keep his hand in his pockets, and win or lose, he could have gone home and gone on with his life without so much as a memory of an interesting game. He’s toast. Good.

Don’t ever put down the characters from Free Enterprise .

They listen to Shriekback!

I thought he vaguely resembled Jeff Porcaro, myself—no disrespect to the dead.