Who'll admit to masterbating with a friends husband or wife in mind?

I have to think that this is very normal. I know that the feeling afterward is a little guilty, especially when being face to face with that person shortly thereafter but, just curious, anybody besides me done this?

Not me !!!

Of course, yes. I’m surprised you even asked.

I have. Never felt any guilt about it afterwards, either.


I’ve masturbated with a friend’s wife. Screw thinking about it.

me too

I would never do this.
It’s truly digusting in every way.
So the issue will not come up.

Yep. My friend’s wife is hot.

Yeah, my friend’s mom— er. Hehe. Nevermind.

Yep me 2, I love thinking about my friends Husbands doing me instead of them …:smiley: :smiley:


I even had the balls big enough to tell her that I had a crush on her.

Both he and she are good friends, though. So it was all good.

I’d raise my hand, but it’s occupied at the moment.

I be willing to bet big money that my buddy has boxed the clown while thinking about my wife, and I certainly have done the same with his wife in mind. I guess we’re buddies because we have like tastes (women) and interests (women).

More than once, more than one friend.

pffft yeah. Of course!
Now who will admit to to thinking about some of your in-laws?
Not my siblings spouses but my spouses siblings (ok and her mom too)

pfffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttt ohhhh pleeeeassse.
I’ve had my wife’s sister in more degusting ways than you could possible imagine.

That’s the beauty of taking matters into one’s own hands.

Hell yes. All my sister-in-laws as well. And I told my wife. She laughed.

I’ve masterbated to pretty much every single female I know. All of my wife’s friends, and almost every female family member. I’ve even masterbated with my mother in law’s underwear. I’m terrible. My favorite fantasy is my cousin Sarah…I’ve jerked it to her daily since I was 13…I’m now 39.

I think we’ll shut this one down.