Who's got me on Ignore?

Sorry if this has been asked before…

Is there any way to find out who has you on ignore?

You could ask in the Pit, which is where people can say who has who on their ignore list. Other than that, no.

Or you could ask in MPSIMS who doesn’t have you on ignore, and then just assume everyone who didn’t answer does. :slight_smile:

Although they probably wouldn’t answer because they would have to decide to read your post. No, there’s no way to find out who is ignoring you from your own profile or other user information. I can’t view it either as a moderator. I don’t know if the administrators can see that information, but I’d guess they can’t.

Strange, why cant I see any message in this thread?

Ask what in the pit?

Or you could post a public poll in IMHO. I’m pretty sure you can see the poll even if it is posted by someone on your Ignore list.

I’ve just checked this, and you are quite correct. I learned something today.

You can see everything that’s posted by people on your ignore list, you just have to click the mouse each time you want to.

I am ignoring all the jokes in this thread!


If one of the choices is “I am on your Ignore List”, then I’ll have to close it down. Sorry.

If someone were very serious about creating a poll like this (which you can’t do in the Pit), would you move it to the Pit instead of close it? (Though I can certainly understand a “Nope - we don’t want to be personal thread couriers” response.)

If polls were allowed in The BBQ Pit, I would move it.

What would happen if you tried to move a thread with a poll into a forum that does not support polls? Does the poll just disappear, or does the universe implode?

Do you remember what happened when we tried that with the Nude Cooking Forum last October?
Neither does anyone else.

I’d be willing to put you on my ignore list, if you want. But I wouldn’t be able to tell you when I did it.

(Could I PM Zoid to tell him I was ignoring him? Yeah, didn’t think so.)

What thread?

But why would Munch, the OP, want to post a poll, when he’s talking about pit threads?

I can’t see anything anyone is writing in this thread.


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