Who's left for the Alliance party to piss off?

From today’s globe and mail:
“During a native-organized debate on the weekend, Mr. Fitzpatrick [Canadian Alliance party candidate in Prince Albert, Sask.] said, ‘You can’t scalp me because I haven’t got much hair on top of my head’.”

Stockwell Day better can his ass ASAP to at least give an impression his party isn’t full of bigots.

So far then, the Alliance excludes the poor, homosexuals, women, Atlantic Canadians, and First Nations. Am I missing anybody?

It’s starting to sound more like the Rich-Hetero-White-Man-Western-Alliance Party.

Don’t forget the Asians, pweetman. Remember the candidate who just quit because of her comments? I especially liked this comment from Alliance spokesman Phil von Finckenstein, who said that her “resignation should not be seen as an Alliance admission of guilt.”

It’s just fascinating to watch them self-destruct.

Didn’t I just see something in the news that the head of the Alliance is a creationist, thus pissing off scientists and educators also?

Has Stockwell announced when he is going to change his name to Doris?

We haven’t had the referendum yet.

Yup, that’s our boy Stock. Six thousand years ago we were all running around happily with the dinosaurs (well, maybe not happily).

For our American friends, Stockwell Day, the leader of the Canadian Alliance party (picture Dubya in a wetsuit and more socially conservative) suggested that he would be interested in implementing a system where, if a certain percentage of the population (his initial figure was 3%) signed a petition, there would be a national referrendum on their topic of interest. A Canadian commedian started a petition that Stockwell must change his first name to Doris. To date I think it’s garnered over 7% by e-signatures.

Sorry! For all our Non-Canadian Friends.

Its NOT funny.

This wing-nut is gaining, thats right , I said GAINING, support in hte Atlantic Provinces!!!


He wants the provinces to pay for their own health care…

Sounds ok, till you realize that the tiny province of PEI for example has the population of two city blocks in Toronto!

The tax burden the people will have to carry is UNREAL! But all the ignorant boobs see is “Day promises tax cuts” and they go back to their lives.

FUCK it pisses me off! People who are ignorant shouldnt be allowed to vote! They should have to take a basic test to see if they know anything about the people, or if they just like that one’s tie.

I am scared, I dont mind admitting it.

His platform is ‘family values’…
Picture Dan Quayle here: he doesnt want MY vote, I work, I have no husband to raise my kids! He wants my brothers vote - his wife stays home, they have 4 kids!

He will outlaw abortion - even in cases of rape and incest!



How can anyone vote for him?
I know the competition sucks, but Day is MAD I tell you!!! MAD!!!

Wow, looks like you Canadians have really fucked things up! Are you sure you don’t want us Americans coming up there and taking things over for ya?

(Just kidding. And remember: While it may take a few Canadians to piss off some other Canadians, it takes only one American to piss off every Canadian.) :smiley:

Slow down.

Day is a dimwit and won’t get my vote (it’s a shame Keith Martin didn’t win the Alliance leadership), but he and his party have no intent of passing laws against abortion. It’s not part of their platform and they’ve never once said they planned to do this.

Canada’s previous abortion law was struck down by the courts as unconstitutional. The Alliance knows this; even if they WANTED to pass a law, which they don’t, it would be struck down as well.

Where did you get this idea they were going to outlaw abortion?


Yeah, call her on that RickJay. She’s way over the top on that comment and it is absolutely false.

I can’t vote for a moron like Day either but total bullshit like this:

“I am scared, I dont mind admitting it. He will outlaw abortion - even in cases of rape and incest!
tends to make me agree with this:

“People who are ignorant shouldnt be allowed to vote!”

Except that’s bullshit too. All citizens should vote in a democracy and if the ignorant vote prevails (and we will end up with a Liberal majority again thanks to ignorance) the people have spoken.

I despise Day personally but I hope he wins lots of seats and reduces the Liberals to a minority government. Thanks to KelliBelli and millions of other dumbass Canadians who don’t understand the real political issues, who can only grasp at personalities, thanks to their vast education from watching television and reading magazines, we are in for another long screwing over by the corrupt incompetent social engineers of the Liberal party.

One of the best things that can happen in a democracy is to have a powerful opposition party.

Day wants to have a referendum on abortion - why? to create law obviously! He doesnt want to have a referendum for FUN!

I quote from the Canadian Press article appearing in the Telegraph Journal, Nov 22, 2000

Listen AL, I may not be Einstein, but I can add 2+2!! He is rabidly against abortion, and he wants a referendum…

Do the math!

I also said the rest of the leaders suck too - but the difference is between ineptitude and racism/sexism!

The entire election has been marred buy anti liberal rhetoric from ALL the parties! Nobody is throwing support behind the NDP or the PC’s, so in essence, you have the NDP, and the PC parties CAMPAIGNING for the Alliance!

Thats not bullshit. I beleive there is amwercan law on the books saying the mentally handicapped cannot vote. As a matter of fact, in the presidential election, they were voting on that very thing in the province of Maine.

Go fuck yourself. You elitist jerk! I suppose you think that without a masters of poly sci I cant form an educated opinion?

Strong opposition my ass. We will have such a divided government that it will take 6 months of them bickering to decide on what wattage of lightbulb to order!

We are totally screwed for 4 more years.

If anyone needs the article of which I speak, email me and I will have it scanned and sent to you.

I have settled down and would like to withdraw my ‘go fuck yourself’.

I get a bit touchy about this stuff, and I shouldnt. I recently had to explain to a close friend the importance of voting, to which she replied “I just ask my parents who they like, and vote for him, if I vote at all”

Its really hard for me…

I was brought up with the understanding that voting was my duty, something that my Grandfather went overseas to protect. A vote is not a trivial thing, I desperately wish people would watch the debates, READ something, anything, to educate themselves.

Sadly, if it doesnt fit into a 2 minute news breif, most people wont see it.
I read 4 newspapers per day, all with differing political columinsts, articles etc. I think I have a good grasp on things.

I didnt really mean that we should allow people to vote, I just wish so much that they would learn about the vote they cast.

Sorry I got so pissy with you Al.

Except Day DOESN’T want to have a referendum. This whole “referendum” thing is related to a memorandum somebody published. It was an idea that had been floated and nothing more; it was never accepted by the CA as party policy. It’s not part of the CA’s platform and never has been.

Besides, let’s say they hold a referendum to make abortion illegal. They’ll lose. Canadians support abortion rights. And even if they DID succeed in sneaking a victory in, any law written will still be unconstitutional.

If Day wanted to pass a law against abortion, the LAST thing he’d want to do would be hold a referendum on it.

You’re wrong three times over.

Okay. This doesn’t say he thinks abortion should be illegal, you know; it says he thinks the government shouldn’t fund them. The government also does not fund dental work; that doesn’t mean Jean Chretien thinks root canals should be illegal.

In any case IT’S NOT THE PARTY’S PLATFORM. Stockwell Day’s personal opinions are not entirely the same as the platform of the party he represents, just as Jean Chretien’s personal opinions are not entirely the same as the party HE represents. Chretien, after all, is a Catholic, and the Catholic church holds that abortion is wrong; should we assume that Chretien’s Catholic faith will cause him to pass laws against abortion?

Day can’t make these decisions on his own, and he’s categorically stated on dozens of occasions that he has no intent of passing new abortion laws.

I admit I have seen few shots at the Liberals quite as bad as outright lying about Day’s position on abortion. That isn’t to say I’m gonna vote Alliance, but the political discussion is not furthered by representing them as taking position they aren’t taking.

And what the hell do you expect? Of COURSE the parties are spewing anti-Liberal rhetoric. That’s their job; they’re the opposition and they’re trying to unseat the Liberals. Did you expect them to publicly congratulate the Liberals on a job well done?

You’ll forgive me for my skepticism, but I can still remember when Sheila Copps would literally climb on top of her desk in the House of Commons and stomp her feet, shrieking “Evil! Evil!” when the old Mulroney government would propose some mundane, middle-of-the-road legislation. I have no sympathy that she’s now on the receiving end of the same crap. They give as good as they get.

How, might I ask, are the PC’s and NDP campaigning for the Alliance? The PCs have been moving up in the polls, actually. Would it be better for Alexa McDonough to allow her party, whose future she has been entrusted with by thousands of loyal, lifetime supporters, to die an ugly death in this election?

If you don’t know the difference between mentally handicapped and “ignorant,” I’m stunned. Someone who is mentally handicapped cannot independently form their own opinion on who to vote for. “Ignorant,” it seems, always means “Someone who disagrees with me.”

Since you’re misinformed on the Alliance’s platform, couldn’t I state YOU were ignorant?

I would like the PC’s & NDP try to promote themselves rather than join in the mudslinging.

You also seemed to have missed my last post where I said I didnt really want people to not be able to vote.

Call me ignorant if you want. I doubt you can say that you know exactly how Days personal beleifs would play out if he had a majority govt. I sure as hell dont. I dont want to find out either.

I would love to see the PC’s or NDP’s get more power, Cretien is such an arse, but he is old, and with any luck he will step down soon. There is no party I support, but I have to cross off the most offensive ones first.

And even if I ignore the anti abortion aspect of the whole thing, what about the multiple instances of party members saying racist things?

Comments about SCALPING at an Native gathering?
The ASIAN INVASIAN buying up all the good real estate in BC, and taking all the university seats?
Right before the election, on of the party members was fired for saying atlantic canadians were lazy and didnt want to work - NOW Day come to New Brunswick saying he has a message from western Canada: “Tell them we are pulling for them.”
Of all the self-serving partonizing crap!!!

There are parts of his ‘platform’ that appeal to me - like no personal income tax for families earning under $26000 per year - love that!

But who make policy for the party?
Isnt it the party members themselves?

If I seem a little hysterical, I am! As an Atlantic Canadian - I have the most to lose if he gets to power.

Apology accepted, KelliBelli. I apologize for implying you’re a “dumbass”. I read four newspapers every day also. It sure takes a bite out of the morning doesn’t it?

The real dumbass is Stockwell Day and it scares the shit out of me that this is the best leading opposition candidate Canada can scratch up. Unfortunately, only a jibbering Jesus freak, a former auctioneer and preacher with a polished gift of the gab, can withstand the scrutiny of the media to run for Prime Minister. Any normal person has said, done, or written something in their past that would be dredged up, analyzed to death, and taken out of context to crucify them in the media. Even divinely inspired Stockwell has quite a mob of skeletons rattling out of his closet.

He’s being sued in Alberta for writing to a newspaper, when he was a cabinet minister, that a certain lawyer defending a child porn defendent must be sympathetic to the crime. It would seem Day doesn’t believe that certain criminals are entitled to legal defense or a fair trial. Or maybe he’s just really fucking stupid.

I also don’t like the idea of a creationist Prime Minister contemplating ecological problems. He’s likely to think environmental problems are some kind of God’s punishment, Noah’s ark, kind of stuff, and little fairies from heaven will come down and fix everything with magic wands anyway.

I can’t vote for the Alliance but I hope they grab enough seats to reduce the Liberals to a minority. The right wing pressure is absolutely necessary to tone down the Liberal’s corruption, fiscal incompetence, and social engineering.

I’ve got it easy. I just have to toddle down to Calgary Center and vote for good old Joe Clark.

KB, I tend to avoid the pit, but I think we should both feel a little guilty for tainting this forum with polite apologies. How fucking Canadian of us.

I…I…I…think I love you…

Thanks Al. :slight_smile:

I hope to cripes he gets some serious support, but don’t worry he’s not going to get in power. I agree 100% with many of his views (creationism and abortion not withstanding) but do not even think that this man himself has the power to make new law.

Lets take WORST CASE scenrio for all you “bleeding heart” lefties :wink: Alliance gets a majority gvt. Ain’t gonna happen, but lets say it does. They hold a referendum on abortion. There is no way it would pass in a referendum, you know it and I know it. Even if it did, the party is so undisciplined think there is a good chance the bill would not even pass in the house. (and I believe I read somewhere that Stockwell Day said votes such as that would be free votes, but don’t hold me to it). Even if it did, the first time it got challenged in Superiour Court (and it would) it would get struck down. There are so many ways for it NOT to happen that its almost ridiculous to think it would.

There are so many ways that this country has been fucked the last 20 years its not even funny. Hell, I can’t even buy any REPLICA firearms for my collection anymore. My MP talked to the Justice Minister (sorry, can’t remember her name) for an exemption or a permit to buy one but no way would she permit it. I have an absolutely spottless record (IE - I don’t have one). Thats just one example I can think of personally. Don’t even get into the GST shit with the liberals.

I would really, really like to see them in power for 4 years. Sure, they could do a lot of damage in 4 years if they are really fucked up, but they could do a lot of good, at least what I think would be good, which I would believe is not what a lot of other people on this board believe is good, since I can sure sense there is not many alliance supporters on the board.

Anyhow, my rant is over now… have a nice day.

Wow, I think that last sentence of mine was the biggest rambling, running on sentence I have seen in a while :wink:
Did it at least make even the slightest bit of sense with anyone here other than me??