Who's missing that you really want to see on the Board?


Long time since I’ve heard tell of Scylla. He was always Charybdissing people, though.

Little late to the thread but QED died in 2009 so that would be a really good trick if he started posting again.

Really a trip down memory lane. I haven’t visited for many years (life intervened) and only recently started frequenting the new joint.

I miss a number of European Dopers from the mid-2000s, like jjimm, garius, angua (who were also on a short-lived venture called NADS). Only Gyrate and Scifisam seem to be active now.

Still friends with all three of them on Facebook. All happily married and having actual lives.

Also with Jennyrosity and her husband whose screen name I have forgotten, and a few others. They’re still out there.

I haven’t seen much of Nawth Chucka here recently. I met her once, when she visited our little city, and quite enjoyed her visit. I hope that she returns to us.

Thanks for the update, nice to hear they’re doing fine.