Who's Single and Available? (aka the Chilling / Comfort Thread)

(Not good at coming up with thread titles when I have to leave in three minutes, sorry!)
Arwin mentioned the idea of a “singles thread” here, so I thought I’d go for it.

List what you’re interested in, your hobbies, and what your good points mght be. (or the bad points, if you want to be brutally honest!)
I’m a bit interested in twins (and other multiples; triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, etc.), babies and kids (I like them to a certain extent, but am a long way from having them right at the moment), reading, humor, true crime, comics… the list could go on and on. But for a more detailed description, I now present to you my personal “FAQ” (hehehe):

What I do for fun: reading, going to bookstores and the library, hanging out with friends, eating out with them, keeping in touch with people, listening to music, going to my friends’ houses, looking after little kids, sometimes going places by myself, parties at friends’ houses, etc.

Foods I like: some Chinese food (hot and sour soup, noodles, curry, wonton soup, etc.), pizza, pasta, chicken, sushi, turkey, Pho noodles, steak, etc.

Music I like: classic rock, some current rock, some pop (no BSB-type stuff for me)… that’s about it, though I can stand most other types… even my brother’s weird mix tapes of Monster Magnet, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, and Mercury Rev. Some other groups I like include (but are not limited to): Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Everclear, Matthew Good Band, Our Lady Peace, Led Zeppelin, New Order, the Doors, Big Sugar, Creed, Nickelback, Collective Soul, the Police, etc.

Stuff I like to read: humorous stuff, some (auto-)biographies, Guinness World Records stuff (that Primetime TV show is cool), the Outlander series, Bathroom Readers, true crime, trivia, some fiction (and some non-fiction as well), comic strips, stuff about music… guess it all depends on what I feel like reading!

Any more questions? Email me or comment in this thread!

Oh, and YES… if you’ve heard all those rumors, they’re true. I am indeed the birthday queen, and I have good birthday prowess.
I’d put more down, but I have to run. Later!


  1. Computers… Specifically: scientific simulations, visuallization, video processing.
  2. Reading: Voracious appetite for fiction of the Science or Political Intrigue variety.
  3. Target Shooting: Rifle (I’m Okay), Pistol (I’m Good, but not a Natural) , Archery (I have really good days, and really bad days).
  4. Movies (Not into Horror, or Romantic Comedies, but I’ll watch almost anything else once), Music (see Below).
  5. Cooking (don’t do enough of it anymore, hoping that will change).
  6. Crocheting, Knitting, Weaving (see Cooking above ).
  7. Reiki, Massage (see Crocheting above :))

Food Likes:
Asian (Minus the seafood), Italian. I’m getting into some Greek/Mediterranean. Next project, when I next afford groceries is Spanakopita (Nummy!, anyone have a good recipe?). Cheesecake.

I have an eclectic assortment. I generally don’t listen to classical, and I avoid Rap/Hip-hop. My collection tends more towards Canadian and European bands. Big fan of Sarah McLachlan, OLP, MGB, Nickelback, Roxette, [sub]Britney Spears, Spice Girls (mostly Sporty Spice)[/sub], Bush, Delerium, Moist, etc., etc.

Stuff I like to read: Tom Clancy, David Weber, David Eddings, Clive Cussler (for a mindless break), Michael Crichton (I like some of his premises, but his endings generally suck), Lois McMaster Bujold, David Feintuch, James Alan Gardener, Tanya Huff’s Valor Series.

T.V.: Just about anything by Joss Whedon, La Femme Nikita (so the acting is wooden but the plotlines rock), The West Wing (the Sorkin Seasons), B5, CSI:anywhere, Homocide: Life on the Streets, Battlestar Galactica, Gilmore Girls (The Early Years)…

That’s me in a nutshell, more if you want it. :cool:


I’m gonna suggest if this is an attempt to pick up other Dopers that you might want to put down your gender and what gender you prefer. Tends to make things easier for people, I would think.

As to the gender thing: Male, prefers Female.


Well then, I am not desperate, (yeah right) 40 is approaching and I have to say I have never been into dating, Civil wars, (El Salvador) moving to California, then moving to Arizona, means that I never had a good chance to settle down.

I have to be brutally sincere, as the philosopher said “know thyself”, I have to acknowledge that part of it has been by design as I fit the geek pattern to a tee.

This is not new to me though: there was only one time I opened my hearth: I have to say that before I thought falling in love just for the intelligence of a girl was impossible, but you have to understand, it was for a doper. It began ok but then distance was the deal breaker, good that it did not go too far but I am not lying in saying that I was willing to move yet again for her. So I am on the market, and might as well try again to seek first a SO here. Like Inigo Montoya (not the doper, the guy in the princess bride) I also learned to live with disappointments on the way to find true love.

So the stats:

I am a Latino male, 39, not “fat” but think Sam Wise hobbit fat. Speaking of hobbits, height is comparable. :slight_smile: ok, 5’5” and good size feet.

Secured financially and professional. I love Animation and currently I am getting a degree so in a couple of years I will be working in the movies or TV, Currently I am a level 2 tech for a mayor internet company.

The stuff I like is so similar to what Flamsterette_X typed already, that just pretend it is pasted here.

I am looking for a female companion who would like to have her dreams also made real (I am the kind of guy that does think marriage should not stop the career or ambitions of women.) be ready to be spoiled, and if you are into movies, cartoons, animation, history or technology, I am the one that will always say to you: “as you wish” like Buttercup’s beloved Farm Boy used to say.

  • Ed.

Do we have our first match? :slight_smile:

And age, probably.

What I do for fun: Fun? What’s that?

OK, I’ll admit it, I don’t get out much, and not nearly as much as I’d like. I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, joking around, playing video games, discussing Descartes, and a lot of other things (I’ll try almost anything once. Not skydiving or bungee jumping, but almost anything else). But for me, it’s best if there’s friends there. I also enjoy watching anime. A lot.

Foods I like: Meat. Steak, pork, poultry, fish, if it came from an animal I’ll probably eat it, though I don’t like shellfish. Also pasta and rice. I’ll admit I don’t have very sophisticated tastes though–I’ve always been a meat and potatoes girl.

Music I like: Prefer heavy music right now. Think Linkin Park or Nickleback (much to the displeasure of my father). I’ll listen to almost anything except rap though–that’s the one kind of music I just can’t enjoy very well.

Stuff I like to read: Science fiction and fantasy mostly, but not exclusively I especially like Anne McCaffrey and Arthur C. Clarke.

I’m 19 and female, around 5’4" and thin. Guys or gals are fine for me, as long as your not normal. Normal people scare me; crazy people rock.

Female, 33

Bisexual, but really looking more for a girlfriend at the moment.

Interests include, but not limited to: Star Wars, Star Trek, writing, reading (mostly sci-fi, fantasy, and Tom Robbins), D&D, NWN, nature walks.
I do not like hanging out in large groups, more into solitary activities.

Personality traits: Shy, witty, twisted, sarcastic, sweet, humble, defensive, intelligent, goofy, serious, sad, deep, aware, cuddly. To name but a few.

Anything else, you can e-mail me or IM me if interested.

OK here’s me…(marked ‘Fragile.Do Not Drop.Handle With Care’)

Hobbies :slight_smile: Formula 1-been a lifelong fan,travelling-I love visiting different countries and am mad on flying :)(passenger,not pilot).Keen Scrabble player(national championship level!)and love wordgames(been on Countdown),also like football, doing church stuff,organizing quizzes,discos.Love drama(as the pics prove) and creative writing and poetry.Walking especially by the beach or in the park

Foods I like:Chocolate.Lots of.Will pretty much eat anything that’s in the fridge except baked beans,stew and cold dead things(warm them up first).I cook up all sorts of pasta concoctions that take the bottoms out of saucepans and require evacuation of the kitchen.

Music I like:Pretty much anything except RnB and loud thrashy stuff that sounds like someone having their scrotum removed violently.Favourites:Tiffany,The Beautiful South,Aerosmith,Hot Chocolate,Smokie,Pet Shop Boys,Moody Blues.
And The Floyd

Stuff I like to read: I devour books.Don’t like Westerns or sci-fi where there are aliens taking over the planet or things called Zccxkanbxkkz searching for the Fourth Orb of Nogajjoyyy.I much prefer alternate reality stuff.Or give me something to smile-Fred Basset or Dilbert or Adrian Plass.And yes,I do occasionally pick up some teen pulp stuff('boy meets girl,falls in love with girl,smoochy-smoochy)to read when my brain wants to sleep quietly

I’m 25,male looking for a female.I have lots of odd habits,but apart from the weirdness and the quirkiness am quite lovable really.I am probably best summed up in my old English report…‘Warwick is an individual fruit pie’ :cool: :eek:

Female, bisexual, 26.

Interests: books (fantasy and trying to get into some sci fi), writing, walks (as long as it’s not raining), religion, making fun of movies, and any number of things, too long to list.

I like small group interactions best. One or two other people besides me. I’ll talk to anyone who is reasonably polite. I’m shy about making the first move, but I can do it with a clear indication of interest on the other person’s part.

I’m 5’8" and big. I laugh easily and frequently, and I have what many people consider a cheerful personality. I don’t mind long-distance relationships and would move for love after I finish the degree I’m working on at the moment.

Personality-wise, I am funny, intelligent though quite capable of being silly, always there with a sympathetic ear or shoulder. I like to hug people and show affection. I become fond of people quickly. I get quite chatty when I’m comfortable enough with someone, and I admire intelligence. I like talking to people about their areas of expertise, though I haven’t really developed any myself yet.

E-mail and IM information is in my profile. Talking to Dopers is good fun, and who knows what can happen?

I am single but not available. So there, nyah nyah nyah.

Well, sure. Sometimes I stay out of these threads, sometimes I play. Tonight, I’ll play.

Female, straight, 31.

I’m settling into a new career and a new town - three years ago I was just making the decision to leave internal audit behind and apply to graduate school. Now, I’m six months into my first professional (post-grad school) librarian job. I am so much happier in my life, it’s amazing. I also moved for this job; from Tennessee to Ohio. I can’t say that I dislike or like the town yet - by the time I got settled from the move and was really ready to explore, winter had set in, and I’m still learning to drive in the snow (but I’m doing much better than I was at the beginning of winter). I’m looking forward to exploring if the weather ever finally settles down.
Food likes: Chinese, Thai, Mexican, pizza, occasional sushi

Hobbies/interests: Buffy (I had never watched it until around Christmas 2003. I’m hooked.), reading, particularly fantasy & some older science fiction - I’m also a major fan of young adult literature - there is some wonderful stuff out there. I really want to learn to ride a bike this year - I never learned when I was younger, and it just looks like fun.
Most people, if they had to describe me would call me “stable, reliable, trustworthy, loyal”. If they were less kind and didn’t know me that well, they would probably say that I overthink everything to death and I can’t stand variations to my schedule. Once people know me, though, they are typically surprised at the side I don’t typically show to the newcomers to my world, although I continue to learn to let that side out more often.

I’m not comfortable in crowds, and I’m more likely to be found hanging out with a small group watching a movie than in a bar - but I also know that there are times that heading out to a crowded bar can be a lot of fun.

Good point. One I quite forgot in my rush to leave by 3:30.

One other point: If you’re just looking for new friends, you can come in here too. :smiley:
Me: Female, prefers Male.

Well, I’ll give this a try, why not?

I’m a 30 year-old lesbian living in British Columbia.

My interests include : reading, slightly skewed films, British comedies (well, most things British, really), walking, travel, doing puzzles, playing cards and games, talking about pretty much anything, languages and linguistics.

Foods I like : chocolate, Thai, Greek, chicken, comfort foods.

Music : Pretty much anything but country and rap, but especially Beth Orton, Sarah McLachlan, Radiohead, U2, Nick Cave, older Cure, Pulp, Sinead O’Connor, The Smiths, Van Morrison, and assorted electronic music lately.

Reading : languages/linguistics, poverty and social justice issues, labour issues, mysteries, suspense novels, trivia, humour, travel.

My personality : I can be quite quiet until I get to know a person. I love to laugh and enjoy myself best in smaller groups. I like to dance, even though I’m not great at it. I would describe myself as eclectic, affectionate, silly at times, witty, sometimes melancholy, passionate, socially aware.

I’m 5’4" and am big, average-looking, but some find me attractive.

I don’t know what I expect in a relationship right now, but would like to play it by ear and see what happens.

Haha, I don’t know. He’d have to email me and see, haha. :wink:

As for the age thing: 28. (I’m NOT going to add halves to it! :stuck_out_tongue: )
(this is what I get for not reading the whole thread through first)


I already did.

No reply yet from you… :frowning:

Of couse, I see that Jayn_Newell is into anime, so this is turning into an interesting night and I did not need to go to a bar! :cool: :smiley:

Cool. A singles’ thread.

Male, prefers Female, age 26. I’m the geekiest geek who ever geeked a geek. I have more stuff, but I’m trying to catch up with a bunch of things after a long day of moving stuff to my new house, so you’ll hafta wait for it. I may just link to an earlier singles’ thread entry on me, if I’m feeling lazy later.

Single white heterosexual male, age 43. Software developer (manager now.) Loves to read, enjoys “chick flicks”, action movies and quality time with good friends. South Central PA.

I’m single.

I’m available.

I have a nasty head cold right now, so I’ll keep it brief.

I like flying, filmmaking and motorcyling. Relentless sense of humour. Loyal, trustworthy, kind, considerate, blahblahblahblahblah…

I also like cooking and kayaking, but not at the same time.

I like foreign films, action films, horror films, indie films… anything good. I have the entire James Bond collection on DVD, as well as the Monty Python 14-disc set. I have the first three seasons of Coupling, four seasons of Red Dwarf (so far), all of Blackadder and The Young Ones. And also some of the strangest, most obscure films you can think of.

I’m a bit sick of Classic Rock and am getting sick of '80s music (which is, after all, ‘oldies’). I like old punk, blues, classical, and most other genres except C&W.

Virtually everything anyone wants to know about me can be found on SDMB – from my YZF-R1 and '66 MGB, to my filmmaking, to my flying, to my wackiness, to what foods I like, to my recent engagement, to my even-more-recent unengagement.