The Single People Comfort Zone

Ever notice that whatever the discussion topic, sooner or later anybody is bound to say: “Well, my SO says…” “Me and hubby were…” “The girlfriend and I…”?

Do you feel left out?

Do you start thinking: “Maybe I’m the only one…”

Do you start feeling the only threads you can safely open are:“Why I haven’t had sex for ages”, “No Date on a Saturday Night” or anything with the words “Star” and “Trek” in the title?*

Do you just not want to be constantly reminded of the fact that you have nothing to contribute about relationships at the moment?

Worry no more! I hereby invite you to the Single People Comfort Zone, the place where it’s OK to be single. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy it or think it sucks:

Relax, pull up a chair, have a beer (or assorted beverage of your choice) and welcome!

  • I’m just a whore for a cheap joke. In no way am I implying that enjoying Star Trek has any correlation with Singledom. Au contraire! Pointing out that I own a lifesize stand-up of Captain Picard (in fluent Klingon) has resulted in many satisfying dating experiences…ahem…what was I saying…

Knocks snow off shoes
Thanks. I’ve got board games out in the car if anyone’s interested later.

Can I be the little dawgie when we play Monopoly?
And remember that when we play Scrabble, I will put a u in colour.

Well, dating someone but definitely not even close to being serious so I’m still a single kid - and lovin’ every second of autonomy.


p.s. Thank God there are more of you - that way I can cook a meal and don’t have to eat the same damn thing for 4 days straight. What’s everyone want for dinner?

Hey, I can make scrambled amoeba* if anyone’s interested… And I’ve got an NTSC/PAL disc player and some good books and music.

But I definitely feel left out. Heck, some of my friends have grandchildren, not just children or SOs. But I’m the eternal bachelor: too old to be ‘in the game’, too young and creative to be old.

Terry Pratchett, anyone? <hands books around>

[sub]*Mashed potatoes and hamburger hash, mixed, like disorganised shepherd’s pie. The ultimate comfort food.[/sub]

Ain’t that the truth, Tiburon. Cooking for yourself is so difficult. You want to bake a ham? Okay, but what are you going to do with 8 freakin’ pounds of leftovers? And the butcher looks at you funny when you only want one steak or pork chop or 1 pound of ground beef.

Well, been single(seperated) for a year now. It isn’t that bad, that is until my estranged wife had someone move in with her last week. Now I hate being single, or at least want to take a dip in the dating pool but I haven’t done that in so long I don’t know how. So, for now it’ll just be me and the bachelor life.

What’s worse than being single? Going on dates and feeling nothing. Happens a lot to me, and last night was just the latest edition. Meet a girl, she seems cool, you go out, and nothin’. Had a good time, saw a good movie, and ate a good dinner, but there was just nothing there. That’s what bugs me the most.

So, it looks like I’ll be single for a little while longer. I’ve got a ton of booze left over from my birthday, so we’re at least covered in that department. And I make a wicked grilled cheese sandwich.

Tiburon / Homebrew

Baking’s pretty pointless too for yourself alone…

Cake, anyone? I’m also making coffee (there can never be enough coffee)

El Elvis Rojo

It’s pretty bad the other way around, too. Meeting someone who really fits your description of the perfect someone, falling in love and then getting nothing back really sucks. If only because it makes you discontent with Singledom and its advantages (which does have).

I hereby declare myself the Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Straight Dope boards. Tiburon, Curly Chick, you’re married. Elvis Rojo and Amp? Married. Homebrew and Winsling, get out here and get your rings. Sunspace and Einman?! Made for each other!

I don’t care if you’re all the same sex. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I AM UNSTOPPABLE!

I have finally gotten over that…and admitted to myself that there’s no way I’m ever going to eat that much (or that if I did, it would be bad)… and I don’t really want the leftovers.
I hand the guy the package and say “Yeah, can I get a third of a pound of this? Thanks” I love that the store lets me do that. If I get there early enough.

And perhaps it’s “grass is greener” but it does seem that going on meaningless empty dates is better than not… at least for the absolutely destroyed self esteem.

El Elvis Rojo: Ditto

Einmon: Also ditto. I think finding someone you really care about and then having it end rather badly usually leads you to what El Elvis Rojo said about the dating thing.

Anyway. Tibby, I want steaks for dinner. I’ll bring the grill. And. . . can we watch hockey?

Well, if you’d like to, you could always consider this thread a meaningless empty date. After all, this is supposed to be a pick-up location for self-esteem. Just stay out of slortar’s way. Seems dangerous…

Here, have some cake.

Ah, excellent, a comfort zone! Thank you, thank you!

Personally, I don’t actually mind being single, and I definitely like the freedom of being totally selfish with my free time. But it can get lonesome, sometimes, and it makes it REALLY BORING to hear other people talk about their spouses, families, SOs and so on. Hooray for Single Dopers!

I have brought four batches of The Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Ever for you all (I agree with Einmon that baking for only oneself is kinda not-fun), and playing cards in case there are gamers here…

Anyone bring movies? Please, let them NOT be romanticomedies or relationship-oriented dramas!

And a nice stiff drink. Rum? Gin? Whiskey? What’s your poison, I’m sure I’ve got it!

Okay, so I’m married to Curly Chick, eating a steak and grilled cheese and watching hockey with Jess? And Einmon has cake and coffee?

Hell, this is the life.

About the cooking thing. A few months ago I made a very nice prime rib with Yorkshire pudding. Two kilos of deadcow. I gave a thick slice to a neighbour, but I was still eating prime rib and Yorkshire pudding for four days.

In January I made hamhocks and blackeye peas, and hamhocks and collard greens. Into the freezer for quick meals later! When I make spaghetti I don’t freeze it. But I do end up eating it all weekend and into the week.

It’s a good thing I like leftovers.

I’ll have a Gin & Tonic, thank you very much.

And if there’s action in our Movie of the Night it definitely should be the Bruce Willis kind.

El Elvis Rojo: you get to go on dates?

Movies: I have some cartoons and, uh, [sub] anime, and Cool World on VHS and… [/sub]

Anyone got Deep Impact or Armageddon? I’m in a cometary-impact kind of mood.

[sub]I think the snow’s getting to me…[/sub]

Chai, anyone? :slight_smile:

Oh man, I love chai. Right here, Sunspace!