Who's the "Booger" in your relationship?

Two people meet. More often than not, one pursues and the other one is pursued. There is a “picker” and a “pickee”, or “booger” if you will. (The Little Woman just loves it when I point out she’s the “booger” in our relationship. I picked her. It’s soooo romantic.)

So, fellow Dopers, how does your relationship stack up? You a “picker” or a “booger”?

This will be the last time I ever mention a congealed nasal secrection in a thread. Ever. I swear.

but later found that imthjckaz didn’t really notice me until I started seeking him out, although I had mistakenly thought he was being flirtatious previously.

I thought he really liked me, and then found out he didn’t really notice me until I called him and started talking to him. He told me this months after we were an item. Not very flattering to me.


As I had told Spider before, at that time she was a married woman, and in my eyes married women are off limits.

Yes I was attracted to her, but she was taken
Why would I, a sinlge person, call a married woman and ask her out?

Had I known that her marriage was on the rocks and that she was filing for divorce, I probably would have pursued her sooner, I have told her this before.

I think as far as the op, I must be the booger, because she knew what life changes she had coming and I did not, she knew what she wanted and went out and got it.

And I’m happy she did.:slight_smile:

Thanks, Rue DeDay, for starting this. It started some dialogue between imthjckaz and me.

Sometimes I really believe that men and women speak different languages, at least the two of us do.

Of course I never expected him to notice me and flirt with me while I was still married and trying to salvage things and make sense of the tragedies which occurred within that marriage. I had no time myself during that period to do anything but try to protect my children and end things as painlessly as possible for all parties involved.

At least now I know that imthjckaz noticed me and thought I was attractive, and didn’t just go out with me because I was the only person who showed an interest in him. Probably TMI about the strange little whirlwind romance that led to us being together, but this helped me.

Don’t have a relationship at the moment, but the previous ones I’ve been the picker. It’ll probably stay that way, much as I’d love to be pursued.

Hahahahahaha - I guess I’m the picker, and Snooooopy’s the booger. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to see it put that way.

Just glad I could help. Guess I’m just the Relationship Fairy. [taps unsuspecting couple on the head with magic wand] ting and they talk. Now ya gotta name some kids after me. Or pets. Or houseplants.

Now I gotta re-stock on glitter-dust and look for my next target…up, up and awaaaaaaay!!

I’ll ask Drachillix if he sees himself as a booger…



I was the picker. I picked very gently, because I thought my man didn’t want to be picked - like those crusty boogers with nose hairs attached.

It turned out that he fancied me all along, but he was very shy about showing it. I sure as hell thought he was terrified of me. Took me a while to realise that he really did want to be with me.

Heh. I’ll tell him I’m the finger and he’s the snot. He’ll like that.

I’d be the picker in my relationship. I just reached up and snatched Mrs. Tiki.

I’m always the picker. And I always get rejected. Oh wait–except for this Friday. He thought my awkward and pathetic pick-up lines were cute and charming. We have a date this Tuesday.
This entire post was just an excuse to brag about finally having a date.

Although I’m a newcomer to the boards, I think I’ve already managed to tick off a few people, so it may come as a surprise that I even have a significant other to these people :stuck_out_tongue:

Alas, I am the picker. My personality does not draw many people so I must dig for them.

I actually met her in an MMPORPG and pursued her first there, then over the telephone, and finally in person.

See, love can even happen to jerks!