Why am I the only one asking these questions?

Sarah Palin . . . parasailin’.

Coincidence? That’s what they *want *you to believe.

Oh yea? What about

Paris Hilton… pair a’siltin’.

Sonny Bono . . . Bunnies! Oh no!

Shirley Bassey - Burly Chassis

Sometimes they don’t even need it: Hu Yaobang.

Alan Alda.

No, wait.

Sean Hannity… a shite nanny

Barack Hussin Obama - I am an Arab Bush sock

Look through the looking glass here people. I mean … think about it…

Yo Yo Ma - Yo mama!

I’d like to ride a one whore soapin’ sleigh.

I always thought that a survey on marijuana usage should have questioned Pol Pot, just so there could be a headline stating, “Pot Poll Polls Pol Pot.”

Can a blunt rejoinder also be a pointed remark?

More than Coincidence?

How come I haven’t heard any jokes about magic johnsons?

All I know is I much prefer chai tea to tai chi.

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.