Why can't Doom's Space Marine use a Revenant's rocket launcher?

Yeah, yeah, because the game isn’t made that way. I mean in-story.

Because they are part of his body.

You can’t take the mancubus flamethrowers, or the spider guns.

You’re surprised that weapons made in Hell would have strict DRM?

It’s a cybernetic implant. He’d need it surgically implanted to use it.

Besides, he’s already got a rocket launcher.

I’d presumed that the flamethrowers were fueled by the mancubus’s own body fat, and that the spider guns blew up when they were destroyed.

OK, I’ll buy that, although having to pass up all that ammo must have made Our Hero (even more) pissed off.

The base rocket launcher is way better than the Revenant’s, even in the new reboot.

…with the sole exception of if you pick Revenant for the multiplayer Demon Rune powerup. Then they’re hugely powerful.

And some son of a bitch will die.

I never gave it much thought, I was trying to live long enough to put a rocket up his ass.

Well played Sir

I’m afraid that you lost me.
My favorite video game, using M16.WAD and new, unfamiliar WADS.

If I had a rocket launcher