Why did a stranger want me to report his gamertag?

I was watching a movie on my Xbox 360 last night when I got a message from someone I’ve never heard of requesting that I report his gamertag. Being naturally paranoid about a stranger requesting something, I figured this was some kind of scam, but I can’t figure out what the point would be.

Anyway, what’s the story with that? Anyone know?

What’s very possible is that he wants to change his Gamertag. If enough people report your Gamertag, Xbox Live notifies you and you can change it for free. Otherwise, to change it, I believe it’s $10.

**LOUNE **hit it on the nose.

This happens in WoW sometimes - people come up with something kinda off-color, get away with it, and then become a serious gamer and want something more realistic - so they ask people to report them.

Gotcha. Thanks to you both.

For example, my Gamertag was “Dixon Tufar”. Someone reported it or it was flagged by the moderators and what not. I changed the spelling a bunch of times, all for free, and now my Gamertag is “Phil Addio”.

It is amusing in a way–that if enough people complain about you, you get a service for free that you usually have to pay for. I’m only surprised that enough people haven’t thought of it before.

Then again, we’re talking about XBox Live usernames, where just about every other name is offensive enough to cause someone (at least someone who isn’t a gamer) to complain. It’s funny to be playing Modern Warfare 2 against such upstanding citizens as “MY SPOOJ GLOWS” or “P IN HER BUTT1”.

The game’s sticker collection has enough pot references too, so the developer also diddles in the illegal references.

A friend of mine works in the XBox Live division at Microsoft, and he told me that the single biggest moneymaker they’ve got is the namechange service.

I can certainly understand wanting to change the name- for some reason I couldn’t get the name I usually take (which is very obscure, and I’ve never had any trouble getting it anywhere else). My friend’s theory is that they culled the name from some other tangentially-related business, thereby locking my name up 'til they get around to purging it. I’d love to change my gamertag when that happens… but not ten bucks worth of love.

my microsoft live or whatever name is incredibly offensive, because when I created on for gta4 on my pc and then had to do a format and reinstall but I could not gain access to my account, so going through the process twice kinda pissed me off. I expect if I ever get online I will be reported out the arse in no time.

Well, what is it?

And you’d be surprised how many offensive Gamertags still exist.