Why did I do this??

OK, so last night I was drunk… looking for something to read (finished my current novel a few hours ago)… only thing in my room that I have NOT read about 100 times is a John Grisham novel The Testament that someone gave me… I hate John Grisham (but have read several of his novels because they were there), but for lack of anything else to read, I opened it up.

Now, keep in mind that I was pretty drunk. I remember reading for a few mins. and then going to bed. This morning, I woke up, grabbed the book, and headed to the bathroom for my customary 15 mins. of reading on the toilet before showering. The Grisham novel had its cover torn off!
WTF? I thought… then I fuzzily recall ripping the cover off the book the night before (ordinarily, I would be horrified by this! I love books!!! But, it IS Grisham after all, and a paperback… so it doesn’t bother me that much.), but I don’t remember WHY I torn the cover off!:confused:

This has been bugging me all day! I dug the cover out of the trash can and inspected it most carefully, and there appears to be nothing wrong or offensive about it…

Am I just really weird when I’m drunk, or what?

I’ve accidently ripped the covers off of paperbacks before, it’s easy to do, and they usually rip along the point where they join the spine, so it looks “on purpose”.

Arghh! I remember doing it, but now I can’t for the life of me remember the circumstances that led up to me accidently ripping the cover off of a paperback.

Thanks a lot Astroboy. This will bug me all day! You owe me some kimchee.

Well, Astroboy, it sounds to me as if you have issues. I recommend lengthy and expensive therapy. Then again, I’m an engineer, so what do I know of such things?? So do what I do - blame the dog.


Astroboy, you are a wild man! Oh the stories you must have.

“Hey, remeber that time when we all got rip-roaring drunk and Astro tore all the joke pages out of “Reader’s Digest”? Oh man, I thought we’d all end up in jail for sure.”


Well, as an approach to book reviewing, it’s not bad. Kind of “Ripping Yarns” in a way.:slight_smile: Although it now makes me wonder about used books that one buys that turn out to have pages missing - I always assumed it had been some kind of accident before. I have a copy of “Shirley” by Currer Bell (ie Charlotte Bronte before she used her real name) and it lacks pages up to about 18 I think. So maybe there was some really wildly drunk reader who hated it?