Why do black men have such large members?

I’ve been looking at a lot of porn lately, and I’ve seen video clips featuring these black guys with penises that have got to be at least 12 inches in length. There’s no way I can compete with that. Worse, white women have begun going over to the “dark” side in droves, clearly because of this genitalia difference. Why are the cocks of African-American individuals so huge, and more importantly, what can we white gentlemen do to win our ladies back?

As a physician who’s examined the genitals of all races over 20 years, let me just say that there are just as many black men with small or average penes (yes, that’s a plural of penis). And I’ve seen caucasians and asians who are also hung like the proverbial horse.

But I will say that whenever I’ve seen a really enourmous appartus, it’s been on a black man more often than not.

I’ve kept no statistics, so all the above info rises only to the level of “anecdotal”.

All of those women that you are so concerned about going to the dark side in droves wish that all they had to worry about was the size of a penis. Between breasts that you could cliff dive off of and considering injecting the rest of the silicon in their lips, between countless dollars every year on makeup and untold levels of suffering through torturous diets just so they can be attractive to the likes of you…

Forget it.

Dude, it’s a porn flick. Get over it already. You see that thing in your hand? Turn it loose for a second, then grab the remote. Turn off the porn, get up off your sticky couch and go outside and mow the damned yard or something.

The reason black men are more hung than a three balled Himalayan Yak is so they can beat the ever-loving shit out of fuck-tards like you with it. Look, there’s one screwing your wife right now!!!


Huh? Those aren’t the only kinds of women going to the dark side. I see plenty of normal looking women I’m attracted to with black men, and I can’t think of any other reason that penis size. Unless it’s dancing ability.

Unfortunately, I’m not married. I can’t find a white woman because they’re all occupied bearing mulattos. Maybe I could get an Asian woman, but I’d hate to do the same thing to Asian men that black men are doing to us.

Are you for real?

Assuming you didn’t see them in their erect state, that could have something to do with that many black men don’t belong to the grower category of penes, right? Some penes only change about 40-60% in size from resting to erect state, but there are also real growers that increase their own size several times over (and vice versa when put in cold water :D).

There’s been an interesting thread already where there was a scientific method proposed on measuring said size, involving a glass of water or something. :smiley: (better not cold, though)

I for one, am definitely a grower. I can still watch that happen in amazement, at times.

Lucky for them.

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I would venture to point out that the porn industry might have a vested interest in not showing us a representative sample.

Judging from your few posts, I can think of a list about five items long on the subject of why women would prefer someone else over you. Penis size doesn’t even come close to making the list.

Chronic insecurity
Inability to look beneath skin color
Assumption that porn has any factual basis on reality
Use of slurs toward children*

Those are all huge turnoffs.
*I understand that there are cultures which do not define the term mulatto as offensive or insensitive, but I did not interpret the OP’s intent as benign observation.

Yes, but the biggest ones I’ve seen have all been on black men. And I’ve never seen a white guy with one as big as the smallest black guy’s.

Cecil wrote a column on this a few years back. Sorry, I’m too lazy to look it up, but the geist of it was Blacks tend to have larger flacid penes (thanks QtMlearn something new everyday), but things even out with erection. My previous girlfriend (OMG, she’s Polish) was a little confused by my member (that’s not a Pole joke, but it could be).

Her: But I haven’t done anything yet.
Me: That’s normal.

You’ll also note that all men in porn are generally larger than life. Most women aren’t DDs either.

By the by, the Polish girl broke up with her boyfriend (a Czech?) because he was a bit of a dick, not because of his dick (which was the same as mine in all dimensions).

-Wolfian, winning “your” women with kindness

While this thread does not seem long for this world, I will point out that the Master has addressed the issue of Does average human penis length vary among ethnic groups?

A relevant Cecil column: Does average human penis length vary among ethnic groups?

And while I’m at it, here’s a semi-revevant staff report: What is the plural of “penis”? :smiley:

Body fat.

You might also note that many porn stars are petite in other aspects. A 6" ding is gonna look like a dong on a 5’6" guy slipping it to a 4’11" woman.

The OP made me flush. Perhaps that’s because someone is yanking my chain.

To which I say “please cite peer reviewed literature to back this up.” :wink: Then again, I’m a honky with a small dick, and say “It’s not how big it is, but rather how you use it.” Personally, I just compensated by learning how to please women in bed using parts of my body other than my penis.