Why do I feel so good after a BM

why do I feel so great after taking a dump? Does breaking off a turd trigger some kind of adrenlin or hormone that makes you just feel better? Its kinda like the reverse of eating a pleasant meal.

P.S. Sometimes if everything goes just right ( ie no signs of hemmoroids and I have eaten enough fiber )I am almost elated. :slight_smile:

I shit you not.

Perhaps for that brief moment you are not full of . . .

CABBAGE, n. A familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man’s head.
**Ambrose Bierce **(1842-1914?)

It’s Nature’s way of congratulating you for a good job done…

Because you have no life?

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Because somewhere, deep within your subconscious, there’s always going to be that little three year old saying “Look, mommy! No poo-poo diaper!”

“That’s entertainment!” —Vlad the Impaler

It’s the pride that you made something all by yourself.

Seriously, it’s probably simply the relief from an uncomfortably full colon. It fills so slowly that you don’t notice that it’s uncomfortable. Once you drop your load the discomfort that you barely knew was there vanishes.

It only feels that good if you are anal.If you are oral, it feels about half as good.

Ahhh, it’s so nice to see a new poster (or at least username) with such a thought provoking question. I thought about it and it’s provoking me.

Gee tough room. :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re a Bohemian artist, joyful at your new creation.

But being Bohemian, you dispose of your sculpture immediately. Your joy is that you were the only one to witness its creation.

lol great answers all…its good to see that this message board has a sense of humour!

I met a man the other day that said he would do anything for fifty bucks. I said “ok Paint my house.”

Ay yes… I have often wondered the same thing. Actually, I haven’t wondered WHY I felt satisfied after dropping a coney island (foot long), I simply accepted it as one of lifes great pleasures and left it at that.

What I DID wonder about was whether woman enjoyed a hearty dumpage as much as men? I do not think they do, at least in my experiences…

Yer pal,

What I DID wonder about was whether woman enjoyed a hearty dumpage as much as men? I do not think they do, at least in my experiences…

I must concur with my esteemed colleague Mr. er umm Satan. My findings have been that they ( the women ) do not enjoy the pinching of the loaf as much as men.

Of course that’s just my opinion I could be wrong-
Dennis Miller

Satan sez…

I’ve been married for 17 years, and I couldn’t tell you for sure if my wife even has a butthole! That’s one area where sex is NOT a part of!

A good friend of mine coerced butt sex from his wife by saying “Enright’s wife lets him!” Soon after we’re all at my house playing cards and the subject of butt sex comes up. My wife exclaims “There’s no way I’d let anyone do that to me!” Ahh yes… wackiness ensued! Needless to say, the card playing was done for the evening. I still tease my friend about it.

The perfect dump? When it comes out nice and clean, and doesn’t hit the bumpers on the way out, and where the Toilet Paper Test comes back negative on the first swipe. Ahhhh.

I only go every other day or so. I guess most of you are everydayers?


My theory: men enjoy pooping more than women because in the process the man’s prostate gland is massaged oh-so-gently, satisying your latent anal desires.
Ha ha.

At least every day, generally around 7 to 8pm. Sometimes again just before bed, others in the wee morning hours.

And I second the “perfect poo” description. It confuses me sometimes when I get the clean first swipe…its like this can’t possibly be, I must have done it wrong or something. What can I say, its the little things in life that make it worthwhile.


If your red lights are melting, you’ve parked too close.

enright said:

Um… non sequitur anyone?

My opinion is that, yes, women do enjoy the grinding relief of a good bowel movement. We’re just quiet about it.

Well, as quiet as we can be depending on the amount of fiber involved.

Will work for sig line.

And I can’t believe that was my 300th post.

My mom is of the opinion that a good dump comes close to being as much fun as sex. I have no idea if she lets my dad bugger her.