Why do I feel so good after a BM

The BM I derive the most pleasure from is the “Lock Ness Monster Turd”. This is when a particularly long fecal deposit breaks the surface of the water and the tip bends slightly back from whence it came, creating the crook in the neck. It fulfills me on two levels.
Number 1: It looks funny.
Number 2 :(get it? number 2) It means that I got it out in one shot and my work is done.

That frown shouldn’t be there. If anything it would be :slight_smile: .

I concur that the wipe-free BM is the best. I hate when it takes only 2 minutes to “drop the chalupa” but 10 more before I can put my pants back on and return to society.

The question I have is this…

Once you have made the conscious decision to relieve yourself in the ensuing moments, do you save up your farts to increase the amount of relief you get?

“…almost as good as sex”!!!

Brian, “The Enchanter”

First, let me say, most certainly women do enjoy a good poop. Some women are just so frickin’ puckered, they cannot even say the word poop to themselves, let alone the dog.

Secondly, there is a great quote, and I shall paraphrase, from “Glengarry Glennross” where Al Pacino says something like ( at the end of a very long monologe, " Ever take a crap that made you feel like you just woke up from a a 10 hour sleep." My cousin and I laughed hysterically and the rest of the theater went , " Huh?"

Last, being pregnant, I would give just about anything to have one of those “just got laid” poops. It seems like it has been forever…
Maybe in a couple of months…PLEASE.

Try baby wipes.They really help.

Just another woman agreeing with the others that we like a good poop. But also, can you flush baby wipes?

sshhhh ( looking left and right) Let me share a secret with the teeming millions. Go to the drugstore or walmart and buy moist sanitary pads…( sometimes they are called moist hemorroidal pads…they are made by tucks or you can get the generic brand equate…there are a hundred pads in each can and are about 3.50. They are soaked in witch hazel among other things and are the best butt wipe you could find. Sooooo soooothing. Try them and you can thank me later…you will never go back to the dry wipe again…
PS they are completely flushable too!

Of course that’s just my opinion I could be wrong.
Dennis Miller