Why do my eyes smell like ass?

Smell your fingers. Go on, smell 'em.

Now rub your eyes for a few seconds. Smell 'em again. Notice the vaguely fecal odor?[sup]*[/sup]

What is that?

I can understand the concept of the liquid in your eyes having a distinct odor, but I can’t figure out WHY.

Is there any particular value to having your eyes stink, such as a survival-type thing? Or is it just a coincidence?

[sup]*[/sup]Someone else PLEASE tell me that they smell the same thing.

No fecal smell here.

Me either. I think you have the creeping rot. Careful. It’s contagious.

Sorry, nothing here either. I’ll refrain from asking what you’ve been looking at… :wink:

Sorry, no fecal smell here.

Perhaps a visit to the doctor…?

Eye doo? Eye don’t. Get thee to a doctor.

Nope, no eye-stink here. Sounds like you might have an infection or something.

Just don’t try to put your eyes on a girl. It wouldn’t be very polite. :smiley:

Now now Superdude. Maybe it’s not your eyes that smell like poo. Maybe your poo smells like your eyes. In other words, maybe your poo don’t stink.

Hmm…Are olfactory hallucinations a sign of schizophrenia? Maybe a psychiatrist will be around this thread shortly… :wink:

You’ve got an infection, either bacterial or fungal. If it annoys you, go see the doc.

Maybe you’re just so full of …

No, I can’t do it.

If it smells of poo, what happens when you cry? it must stink!

Maybe it’s your fingers, exacerbated by moisture. What have you been doing with them?

Sounds like it might be pus or something. Go see a doctor.

It is a ready-made insult though, isn’t it?..

“You’re so full of shit that your eyes stink!”

What color are your eyes? :wink:
Did you smell your fingers before you rubbed your eyes? Are you sure there was no pre-existing fecal odor on your fingertips? There are a lot of nooks and crannies under and around fingernails.
Immediate cure: Stop sniffing your fingers.

… and don’t sniff your keyboard, either!

Sometimes peoples’ belly buttons smell like arse. :smiley: 'S true.

No smell here. You may want to have that looked at.

Nope. Nada.

I like your thread title, though.