Why do some people hate Creed so much?

Partially because Scott Staph seems so full of himself and mostly because his vocals sound like he’s trying to crap for the first time in three days and it just won’t come out…

I agree that Creed is dramatically overplayed. My best friend bought their first album before it ever charted, and was a major fan of theirs for some time. But even he said they were overplayed, and is thoroughly sick of them.
I think their being overplayed (along with a lot of other bands) is just one more symptom of the homogenization and decline of American radio.

I think there’s a difference between Stapp’s personal feelings and ambition and the band as a whole. Stapp is a lot more visible than other band members, but Creed does not seem to be a one-man show (as opposed to, say the Smashing Pumpkins). My guess is that though the rest of the group generally either agrees with or at least tolerates Stapp’s views on a religion, it doesn’t go so far as to make them a “Christian” group. What really makes a group a “Christian” group, anyway?) Plus, they may feel that as soon as they call themselves “Christian” , they’ll immediately be pigeonholed and lose their commercial viability and/or artistic freedom. Not only that, their stuff is not nearly as overtly religious as that of the other most well-known “Christian” group, Stryper, which said openly they were Christians.

Which songs are you referring to? The stuff they’ve done that gets played on the radio. They seemed only slightly better than average to me.

Note to self: preview is a good thing.

I meant to say above that I have only heard the stuff Creed’s done that gets played on the radio, and it seemed only slightly above average to me.

Second rate Pearl Jam, ultra-bland glurge-spouting morons using lumbering alterna-rock riffs, packaged angst and paint-by-numbers spirituality as a shortcut to “deep and meaningful” lyrics.

In short, I hate them because not only does their music fail to have any interesting qualities about it, they’re so damn pious about it that it makes you feel like causing some random violence against them. You know how Homer hates Ned Flanders? Well, it’s like that, except that this Ned Flanders is Ned Flanders crossed with Otto Mann. Crossed with Milhouse Van Houten.

I’ve got nothing against christians, or christians making rock music, or even christians who want to write rock songs about their christianity. But when they write bad songs about their christianity, it jars. Most people can write bad songs and get away with it because their topics are bland and inoffensive. But if you’re going to get up on stage and start singing about something that’s really quite personal, such as religion or your abusive childhood, you’d better do it well, otherwise you’re just asking for the hatred of any rational music fan.

What i’m saying is, if I’ve really got to be witnessed at, I’d appreciate the witnesser to be entertaining about his witnessing.

Nick Cave - God is in the House: good.

Creed - Higher or whatever any of the stupid christian songs are called - bad.

U2 - I still haven’t found what I’m looking for: good

P.O.D. - Whatever their stupid Christian song is: bad.

And did I mention the Pearl Jam-lite? If I wanted to listen to Pearl Jam, and sometimes I do, I’ll listen to Pearl Jam. Why bother with Creed? It’s like drinking skim milk or decaf coffee or light beer. You end up unsatisfied and thinking what’s the bleeding point???

Not to mention that their videos suck. Stupid faux spirituality (I think I may have used that expression already in this rant) was better done by Live, who at least had some songwriting talents behind them. Scott Creedson couldn’t write a decent song if he… well he has no more success with songwriting than I do with coming up with appropriate similes at the moment.

And their sound is way too polished, and really, your question doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s like asking “Why do some people hate it when someone close to them dies?” or “Why do some people hate it when they stick their hand into something cold and slimy and then it moves and it really just might be alive?”

Cuz these things, by definition, suck.

That was fun. Could you open up a thread on “Why do some people hate Linkin Park/ Limp Bizkit/ Hair Metal/ Puff Daddy/ Nickelback/ The ‘Do it With Madonna’ song” so much?

—I liked their first song… but after that, their schtick just got old.----

They have more than one song?

I just wanted to join in and say that I hate Creed with the fire of a thousand suns (my SO, if he wants to flip me out, starts going “yeeeaaah” in the special Creed way).

It’s not just that they suck (for reasons already noted above). It’s that they suck AND are sucessful, so they have (gag) inspired a legion of imitators. Not one of which is even as good as Creed (and they are not good at all). For example, that piece of crap “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling.

Ok…despite the fact that I will most likely be flamed and crispyfried beyond recognition for this…I’m going to say it.I like Creed.I think they are fresh with a great sound(NOT Pearl Jam Lite,as somebody else said)and a great lead vocalist.I really enjoy listening to them and figuring out the meanings behind certain aspects of their lyrics/videos. I think that in this age of rock singers who HAVE no talentcough Blink 182,Limp Bizkit,P.O.Dcoughthey shine like a bright star in the night with their multitude of talent. They are a great example of how you can be a rock star AND still live a decent life without caving to the sex,drugs and rocknroll lifestyle. I realize they have a heavily Christian(although I always see it as more spiritual than christian specifically)theme in everything they’ve written but it’s great music and they’ll be around long after some of the metalheads we call bands today are gone.

I remember reading somebody’s sig at one time…

Even Jesus thinks Creed sucks.

I’m not gonna flame ya. Your opinion on their music is your opinion.

But to call them fresh is utterly beyond ridiculous.


I love this thread. To me Creed is just background music that’s no better or worse than 95% of anything I hear on commercial radio. But to see how they inspire such venomous hatred is priceless!

Quick, somebody start up an “I hate Nickleback” thread. :biggrin

Mainstream rock music is currently in the shitter (there are indeed some great bands out there that don’t get much airplay - at least beyong college or independent radio). I think Creed just is the most visible target for everyone who is upset with the current crop of bands that Clear Channel Radio or Vh1 seems intent on pushing. If Nickleback came first and sold more recoreds, it would be them.

As far as the Christian angle, I don’t see that as the main issue…ultimately its the quality of the music that matters. If anything, that label has hurt a lot of quite talented groups, like Kings-X.

They’re not a bad band. Not great by any means, but they have put out a couple good songs. I think they are overplayed, which tends to breed resentment.

I liked them, until I watched a video of them, and for some reason the lead singer’s voice does not match his look or attitude somehow. Now I can hardly listen to their music.

I’m glad i finally don’t have a radio in my new car. I dont have to get mad at this crap.

It’s a deadly mixture of stupidity, conspiracy, and laziness. Stupidity because there is actually a market for those with actual musical taste (read those who care about the music they listen to, I am not faulting anyone who doesnt, but they dont have as much to lose as i do from bad radio!) and many people are blind to this.

Conspiracy between the marketing “consultants”, “researchers”, and the labels to get only the label’s flavor-of-the-week* songs played. Labels get their cash easy instead of having to work on it, consultants and researchers keep their jobs, stations work less on deciding what to play.

Laziness as per “stations work less at programming.”

Creed is simply a visible part of this broken system.

*double entendre intended, although that particular victim of mass-marketing actually wasnt a bad song.

For me, the inherent hypocritical image of messianic, holy, spiritual, messenger, windblown on a mountain top arms spread embracing the world, while simultaneously thrusting rippling six-packs, fuzzy man-nipples, and clenched pelvis into the camera lens to create frothing brainwashed lust in 11 year old girls seems a tad bit clashing to my sense of what rock music should be.

Although it’s still ok when Gene Simmons does it, don’t get me wrong…

probably because of the rumors of the bands enormous ego… i know that turned me off… his singing style probly helped exaderate that rumor…

I’ll agree with most everyone here. I think they are incredibly obnoxious.

The lyrics have always seemed quite preachy to me, or maybe just annoyingly obvious in their “message.” Also, they were the first rock band I remember seeing commercials for on TV (regular TV even, not MTV or VH1, etc.). THAT really turned me off, something about seeing a rock band in a TV commercial with a voiceover listing various praises they’ve received struck me as terribly uncool and absolutely dripping with commercialism (even more so than usual). Also, the fact that they always sounded to me like a really bad Pearl Jam wanna-be band, and now every single rock band on the radio seems to be copying their style. . .well, you know what happens when you make a copy of a copy of a copy. . .you end up with crap, and sucky rock music.

Audioslave has been the only thing I’ve heard on the radio in at least the last 4-5 years that even remotely grabs my attention. I plan to purchase to the CD, the first CD I will have bought since Tool’s Lateralus in 2001.

Say what you want about Creed, but With Arms Wide Open, the orchaestral version, is the best damn power ballad I’ve heard since the glory days of Peter Cetera and Steve Perry. Great, great stuff. :slight_smile:

I can’t even process the above statement. Power ballad = evil.