Why do some people hate Creed so much?

Because Creed’s a perfect foil for Logan, he’s the bad guy everyone loves to hate.

Wait, this isn’t the “Ask the Comic Book Guy thread?”

Creed is Pearl Jam, but without the depth. In fact, the first few times I heard a Creed song, I thought it was Pearl Jam, but I wondered what the Hell happened to their writing.

Creed’s live performances look like the band is trying really hard to have fun… but failing.

Muad’Dib nailed it when he said their songs are over-played. It seems that almost every one of their songs is specifically targeted to a pop sensibility, so gets way too much airplay, and any initial attraction to the songs gets driven deep into the ground.

That said, I don’t “hate” Creed. I just think that they’re one of many mundane pop bands following in the pop-grunge wake of Pearl Jam and Nirvana. The waves are getting less and less strong, and bands like Creed are the resulting backwash

You want a pop band that has a unique sound and a great pop sensibility? Dump Creed. I give you Visqueen.

That is all.

I don’t even remember the last time I heard Creed. You people need to turn the radio off if it angers you this bad.

I HATE CREED, and I turn off the radio/TV when they come on, but they have been Way Over Played So Much, Higher and My Sacrifice are forever burned into my Brain, and nothing not Default, AudioSlave, Saliva, System of a Down, P.O.D., Jerry Cantrell, Pearl Jam, which I like, can get it out.

What happened to a Band do a CD/Album - back in the day, get radio play, go on tour, and go away for 3-4 years. Just as I wonder What Happened To _________, they come out with something new, and tour. Creed does not Go Away.

Oh, and Nickleback is Awesome, I like them, I can Look and Listen at Chad Kroeger not want to hurl things to the TV or Radio. He is easy on the eyes and good to the ears.

Scott Staph looks like he needs to take a Bath, and needs to take the marbles out of his mouth, and maybe open the mouth and let the sound out.

The gals and I have amused ourselves for minutes on end in the dining hall by playing “Sing like Creed”.

[bad wobbly baritone]“I think IIIII’m…going tooooo…go and get some iiiiice cream nooooow…becaaaaause Jesus tooooold me to…”[/bwb]

Okay, maybe you have to actually hear it. But it’s hilarious. Trust me.

Chad Kroeger’s the lead singer, right? Because I think he’s one of the homliest men in show business. Not that a man (or woman) can’t be both homely and talented, but I only think he fits the first part.

Well I think Creed are alright. Maybe its because Creed arn’t overplayed on radios here and I don’t watch music videos. Funny thing is I like the songs they don’t release and I think the songs that they do are among the weakest. At least on Weathered anyway.

I don’t know why people compare Creed to Pearl Jam. I don’t think they sound similar at all. But maybe its because I listen to Pearl Jam a lot and I can always tell the difference between the two, from the vocals to the lyrics right down to the guitar effects.

gex gex, you took just about every single word right out of my mouth. That is every reason why I hate Creed explained much better than I ever could.

Bad, saccharine lyrics. Self-righteousness coupled with hypocrisy. That “I’m trying SO HARD to sound like a rock singer” voice. Videos that reek of tacky, clichéd religious imagery while the band claims to NOT be a Christian rock band.

There are perhaps hundreds of bands that are like this throughout modern music history. Thankfully, they never got popular. But now, thanks to slightly-creepy teen Christian revivals and the blandification of the radio landscape by Clear Channel Communications, Creed has become popular.

So why rail against them like I do? Because just maybe it will get one person to listen to something different out there or think a little bit harder about what they’re actually listening to. And they don’t have to start listening to something I like. For example, I don’t like the Grateful Dead. But I respect them and people who like them. Same goes for Bob Marley and countless other artists. I don’t believe that only the music I like is the only music worth listening to.

But Creed isn’t worth listening to, and I’m convinced that if their fans opened their minds and ears a little more, they’d realize it too. I think Creed is that bad.

I hate Nickelback, too, because they’re one of the too-many “blandrock” bands on the radio right now. But I don’t rail against them because I’m pretty sure no one will remember them in five years. Hell, most of their fans don’t even know what the members of those bands look like right now.

I’d like to “me too” everything you say except for this. I rail against them cause it’s lots of fun! My intentions are nowhere near as benign as yours.

I hate both Creed and Nickleback, I think both are perfect examples of paint by numbers corporate rock designed for mass consumption, though of the two Creed at least seem to be competent musicians. I liked their first couple of hits. Both bands, though, suffer from an overemphasis on lyrics (by which I mean the vocals are mixed up front and obviously intended to be heard clearly, which, naturally, is not always the case with rock music) when their lyrics are in fact hideously bad. That these lyrics are sung with such impassioned (yet, strangely, emotionless) earnestness and lack of irony only makes things worse.

“I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking
maybe six feet ain’t so far down”

First of all: Yup. Six feet ain’t so far down at all. Unless you trip and fall or are otherwise absurdly clumsy, it’s hard to imagine how you’d get hurt at all from a six foot drop.
Second of all: What the hell does how far from the edge you are have to do with how far down you’d fall? Or are you from some bizarre alternate reality where you always fall the same distance as your distance from the edge you are falling over? I don’t get it.

And don’t get me started about why the singer in Nickelback had five words screaming themselves in his head. (Or were there five different words doing the screaming, I was never clear on that? In any case, they must have been very stupid words, to be screaming something so cliched.)

I actually used to not mind Creed (I actually bought their first big CD) until I saw them on VH1’s “pop up video.” It’s this great show where they show a video (yes, a video on VH1, it does actually happen every now and then) with little pop up videos containing facts about the band and/or video. Well they had this one ep with the bands watching their video’s with the bubbles. Slash was on there, and I can’t remember who else. But anyway, everyone had a great sense of humor and was laughing at themselves but those obnoxious, ego maniac Creed members. They were such jerks, didn’t even crack a smile and were just a bunch of sour pusses, taking themselves way too seriously.

From then on, I’ve never been able to listen to a Creed song all the way through without rolling my eyes and changing the channel. :rolleyes: