Why does Matt Murdock always need a shave (Netflix Daredevil)?

Matt always has three-to-four days’ growth of beard. He is never clean-shaven but never has a full beard either. So he must shave sometimes. But when?

He doesn’t see the need for a close shave…

He’s got extremely sensitive skin, so shaving close is very uncomfortable to him. So he just uses the buzz-trimmers on his electric razor to keep it short.

Because roughly 75% of guys his age look like they need a shave.

My beard trimmer can be set from 0.5 - 10 mm at .5mm intervals. That of course doesn’t mean that’s what Murdock uses. He’s a fictional character, maybe, like Home Simpson, he just grows a 5 o’clock shadow in an instant and then it stays like that all day.

For the win. Plus dark hair and light skin, like the actor has, gives you a perpetual five 0 clock shadow even if you shave regularly and I speak from experience!

Yeah but this isn’t just a five o’clock shadow, it’s more like a Thursday morning shadow.

I am sure this is not because of who the actor is but a deliberate decision as to how to present the character. Chronos’ explanation makes sense but the feature is distracting to me. Is that developed in the character’s background in Marvel? I don’t remember anyone mentioning it in the show and I have never read Daredevil comics.

Stubble if fashionable now. It’s a TV show. Do you need to see him shaving? Obviously he’d be capable of it, and I think it’d be patronizing to say real blind people couldn’t pull it off. Electric razor with a variable length guard.

To be clear, that was just me fan-wanking. I have no idea if there even is an official explanation, much less what it might be.

Yeah…he’s a handsome, relatively fashionable man in his late-20s-early-30s…it’d be weirder if he didn’t have that going on.

I get that, but even if fashionable young men don’t shave every day they have to shave* some*time or they would have a full-on beard.

Men have been doing this for literally decades. Get over it.

In the comics, from the 1960s to the 1980s, he was always immaculately clean-shaven.

In the 1980s, Roger McKenzie and Frank Miller took the character in a darker direction, and started emphasizing his working-class roots. With the film noir style, he occasionally had a five o’clock shadow.

When Rex Smith played him in 1989’s The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, he was clean-shaven.

I have only seen parts of the 2003 Ben Affleck film, but he was usually clean shaven.

Today, Miami Vice-style stubble is fashionable.

Foggy shaves, though.

(On the other hand, Foggy doesn’t wash his hair).

I’m a (not that) fashionable (not as) young man, and I wear my facial hair the same way.

And, no, I don’t (generally) shave. Every ~3 days I run clippers over my beard, taking it from 4ish days’ growth to ~1 days’.

I assume if I cared enough I could find a clipper guard that would take me to exactly 3 days worth and do that every day.

I’m 99% sure that Daredevil’s facial hair styling has everything to do with what looks fashionable these days and nothing to do with any in-universe character explanation.

I haven’t shaved in at least four years, but yet only have very short stubble all the time. A set of trimmers allows me to do this, and I assume Matt does the same. No full-on breasts necessary.

… Now I am pondering how breasts would help with maintaining the look…

Huh? Beards are hair. That’s like saying you have to shave your head bald every time you get a hair cut.

I have a short beard. Shaving irritates my skin and causes ingrown whiskers. Whiskers below a certain length are bristly and itchy, and over a certain length require increased care and maintenance, even more than that needed for daily shaving. As far as I’m concerned, my 3/8" long beard hits the right balance between comfort and fussiness. Others’ mileage may vary; I would find nothing unusual about a man who kept 1/8" of stubble at all times via clipper. Maybe dude doesn’t want to shave but doesn’t want to have to style his beard either.

If I were to go blind today, I would sure prefer to run a clipper over my face with impunity than try to shave by feel alone. I know that’s not a consideration for Daredevil, but in the real world would you be surprised that a blind man might prefer to use a clipper to a shaver or razor?

I feel obliged to mention that I never use a mirror of any type when I shave. (I have no visual impairments.) I shave by feel in the shower and it turns out perfect every time. It’s easy. I’ve also worked with visually-impaired individuals who shaved using safety razors and they had no problems.