Why does Momma Play a Squeeze Box?

I have so many questions about this song by The Who that I don’t know where to begin: http://www.landoflyrics.com/music/thewho/lyrics/song5-2.htm

  1. What is a “Squeeze Box”?
  2. Why does Momma wear it on her chest?
  3. Why does she play it all night?

Anyone care to fill me in.

Two meanings…

Squeeze Box- Accordion.

Squeeze Box- Boobies.

Let’s go with the first one.

She wears it on her chest because that’s where you wear an accordion when you play it.

She plays it all night because it is cheap family fun to dance around and play the accordion.


Squeeze box = vagina

Mommy likes to play with it

Daddy don’t get much sleep.

In and Out and In and Out…

To get it past the censors.

[hijack]Pete Townsend once said that the guitar was sexier than an accordian and more portable than a piano.[/hijack]

It’s a metaphor, guys. Mama is horny, and Dad doesn’t get any sleep. They play it all night, and the ‘music’ is all right. Mama’s got a squeezebox, Daddy doesn’t sleep at night. It goes in and out, and in and out…

This was a favorite shtick for rock stars in the 70’s who had to resort to such techniques to get even mildly tittilating songs past the radio censors.

It’s a song about hearing the parents ‘do it’, from the kid’d point of voew/.

According to the sleeve notes of Scoop (A Pete Townshend solo album consisting of a collection of demos from the Who era) Pete came up with the idea for the song one afternoon, bought an accordion, learned to play it in about 10 minutes and recorded the song as a dirty joke. The Who ended recording it as a space-filler on their 1975 LP, The Who By Numbers, and Pete claims he was completely taken aback that it became a hit.

…yeah one problem… Does mom have a vagina in HER CHEST!

Hey, artistic license. Don’t nitpick The Who.

Alternate interpretation: Tyfs. Or medically speaking, the action of pushing the breasts together to form more cleavage, which is then used to stimulate the partner’s penis.

Why they’d want to do this all night, instead of including at least some of the more popular and mutually gratifying penile-vaginal intercourse, escapes me. But one never knows with artists.

You guys have to stop being so literal. Next thing you’ll want to know is how someone can be a hoochie-coochie man without having a hoochie or a coochie.

Yeah, like a “big, ten-inch… record”. But this one seemed to me, like, so transparent our radio censor had to be on some serious chemicals to not notice/care. Then again I was 14 at the time Squeezebox came out and I do suppose I was specially tuned in to interpret ANYTHING as a sex reference :stuck_out_tongue:

OTOH it was in a light-hearted vein, and in hindsight it does serve the redeeming function of counterbalancing some of Peter’s forays into “heavy” content.

And if I’m going to have a tune stuck in my head the rest of the evening, as I do now, it might as well be this :smiley:

And it’s the only Who song I know of that has a banjo solos in it.

The great thing about this song is that it’s just as good if you assume it’s about an accordian! (You can’t say that about “My Ding-A-Ling!” etc.)