Why I love being me...

A couple of weeks ago a mini brain storm hit me of how to increase sales at the local bookstore (borders)where since it opened, I lurk on a much to frequent basis.

I wrote this hysterical letter to Customer Relations at Borders and received just this week a nice short response saying that they just did the very thought I recommended but here is a $25 gift certificate for thinking of them.

Now, (rubbing hands together menancingly) I’m thinking of sending a letter like this to all the book chains in our area and see if I can get a similar response :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness.

Anytime I’ve ever gotten really excellent service somewhere, I’ve written a letter to the powers that be and every time I get some kind of gift certificate. I highly recommend it.

Want to write a nice letter to US Air for me then?

Yer pal,