Why is BarnOwl a PMSing psychopath?

I saw a link to this thread that brought it to my attention (starting with post #40) and since the original was locked, and I’m sort of curious how this pans out, plus I wanted to use the phrase PMSing pscyhopath so I figure this is an appropriate place to continue the discussion.

This absolutely bizarre and uncallled for tirade from BarnOwl makes him look a lot worse than any of the completely imagined ridicule he created in his mind from a… post about Viagra-spam?

Maybe we can make a game of this - what psychological disorder does BarnOwl most likely have that gives him these delusions?

He sounds like a potential mall shooter. Cool! I’ll be watching the news. :slight_smile:

I can only imagine how BarnOwl deals with other mild, easily recognizable jokes:

Co-worker: “Hey, BarnOwl, how’s your Monday? Working hard or hardly working?”
BarnOwl: "What?!?! How dare you impugn my work ethic! This is slander! I’m going to report you to HR!
Co-worker: “Um, it was just a jo-”
BarnOwl: “Fuck you! I hope you die!”

Speaking as one of the latest posters to make an ass of himself for something misunderstood in a thread, I’d say he had his Jump to Conclusions mat out and was giving it what fer.

I’d be willing to bet he’ll be back soon enough and laugh it off.

Or maybe not … what the hell do I know?

Just from memory I think he’s a cancer patient and I remember a post about serious (like 3 days in a row) sleep deprivation. So, yeah, he way over reacted, but I’d be inclined to cut him a break (with an apology to the guy that pissed him off, not that he owes me anything).

I was just thinking, his previous posts before the melt down were friendly, intelligent, helpful, nice guy, he just had a neuron misfire or something when he read the spam thing, probably didn’t expect to see the word penis there.

Sure, BarnOwl’s a stupid asshole, but look at Quasimodem in that thread.

“How can I enjoy my vacation knowing I have hurt a fellow Doper?”

Are you fucking KIDDING me? A message board poster means so much to you that hurting their feelings (boo hoo!) is enough to ruin your vacation? What kind of psychological disorder is that?

That is really bizarre. But on the plus side, I learned a lot about cameras obscura. (That’s the correct plural, right?)

Can someone sign BarnOwl up for Humor Recognition 101?

Quasimodem is going through some medical shit, too. He’s dealing with alzheimer’s kicking in plus Parkinson’s. It sucks that BarnOwl is dealing with cancer, no doubt (and I sure Quasi would feel really bad if he knew that) but jeez, that was no way to react!

I hope they both come back feeling better.

You’re right of course Silver Fire, but that whole episode sent me spinning, and I had hoped it would be resolved before now. I will enjoy my vacation, but this will be thought about, and whatever’s wrong, I hope he comes back and let’s bury the hatchet.



It’s in no way your fault that you happened upon a delusional freakopath. You were much more apologetic than I would have been. Don’t sweat it man, enjoy your vacation.

I hope you enjoy your trip. You can’t control what BarnOwl does or says, but you can control how you react to it. Forget it and have fun, wherever you’re going; it’s certainly not worth a ruined vacation.

He overreacted. You don’t have to.

In all fairness to BarnOwl, I have to state that I, too, have had a couple of episodes right here on SDMB that I regret.

Shit happens and no one knows that better than me, believe me.

I do appreciate all the support and kind words, but I’d appreciate it if this thread could be discontinued?



Have a nice vacation. Don’t worry about it. BarnOwl took major offense at something that was meant to be a joke, and it says more about him than you, especially when you apologized quite nicely and he still refused to accept it.

Go have fun and think on this no more.

I purposely didn’t mention you in the OP because I wanted to make it clear this is about BarnOwl. If he would go off on you like that, he could just as easily go off on any of us, and he needs to be taken to task for it. Hopefully he shows up here sooner or later.

Like I said, don’t sweat it, enjoy your vacation. :slight_smile:

I can sympathize with BarnOwl’s original mistake; I recall one particular thread where I made myself look a dipshit for much the same thing – missing that another poster was obviously joking – although thankfully my resulting tirade was against the misunderstood concept and not the poster.

The difference between me (and the vast majority of other examples of this I’ve seen on the Dope) and BarnOwl is that, once the mistake was pointed out, I responded with “Yup, I’m a dumbass, nothing to see here, move along. Doh.”, and the requisite smacky-smiley thrown in for good measure. BarnOwl, on the other hand, answered with ZOMG I HATE YOU YOU’RE ON MY IGNORE LIST YOU BASTARD DIIIIIEEEE!!!, then posted yet again to announce that he’s so pissed he might need to take a week away from the Dope. In other words, cooler heads had time to prevail between posts, and quite obviously didn’t.

BO, the “accusation” levied against you was sending a piece of penis enlargement spam. Apologies for your overreaction would have been in order even if Quasi had been 100% serious…which, again, he obviously wasn’t. Take him off ignore and reread his post, then ask yourself if your response was appropriate. For now, I’ll reign in my righteous indignation pending your response to that question and this thread in general.

Yeah Quasi, I really wouldn’t give a hoot if I was you.


Hey, hey, no need to pollute (the thread)!

Wow, that was a WEIRD thread.

Even if it wasn’t a pretty obvious joke, that’s WAY much of an overreaction to it…