Why is Chrome crashing?

It usually happens the first time it’s used after booting up, but has also happened after that. It opens, seems fine, then clunk. I can then reopen it and browse. I’ve gotten rid of history, cookies, etc., but no change. I’ve run AVG, MalwareBytes, and Reginout, but no change. Chrome also dumped all my most visited site icons. Could the program itself be corrupted?

Try it in Safe Mode. If it works there, it’s probably something wrong with a plugin or extension or such. You can then reset it.

Otherwise, maybe your system is suffering from an obscure bug. You can try one of the pre-release channels:

To see if the bug will be fixed in an upcoming version. Be warned that those versions tend to come with their own crash bugs, so it may not be any better…

I did the reset, and the problem was still there this morning. I’ve now gone to the pre-release and will see if that fixes the stupid thing.

Nope. Crashed again this morning.

Chrome has been giving me problems lately too.

Yesterday it changed my setup for no apparent reason.(I had to re-enable my bookmarks and homepage.) Also, I can no longer play Amazon streaming videos. I can play Netflix and Hulu but no amazon.

yup. gone back to firefox. now lightning fast.