Why is Disney Being So Quiet About the New Spider-Man?

When I saw The Eternals (which I liked BTW) I was sure there would be a trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home since it comes out in a Month but there was none. Other than some casting rumors and a teaser in the Summer there really hasn’t been anything about this movie and it comes out in just a few weeks.

It was to the point where I thought maybe it was postponed but as far as I know it has not. Is it a conscious decision to add an air of Mystery around the movie? Or just to not pull focus from the Eternals? It’s a little weird there isn’t more marketing already for this.

There’s been a trailer for awhile now. They showed it when I saw Dune last week.

That one’s a bit confusing. It refers to itself as a “teaser trailer,” which is usually the short mini-trailer that comes out before the trailer proper. But the time on that one is nearly 3 minutes.

I will agree with the OP that the lack of a Spidey trailer on a similar type of movie does seem odd. Maybe they just assume anyone watching Eternals already knows about it and plans to watch?

Marketing costs for Spidey are split 50/50 between Disney and Sony, so (unlike other films in the MCU) a lot of painful negotiation has to be made over things like advertising and trailers.

I’ve seen the trailer in the movies multiple times - Shang-Chi, Dune, and maybe Black Widow?

I’d hazard guessing they’re really pushing “Eternals” because it’s a complete break from all the previous movies. They’ll probably ramp up a Spider-Man blitz after Eternals has been out for 2 weeks or so. That will give them a good 4 weeks of advertising Spider-Man.

This is what I think too. The Eternals is their current offering and they want to keep the attention on it while it’s in the theaters. Once it leaves we’ll see a lot more promotional material for Spiderman.

Plus, Spider-Man is a much easier sell. Everyone knows who Spider-Man is. You don’t have to work hard to get people to see a Spider-Man movie, you just need a late blitz so it’s at the top of everyone’s mind. Whereas even most MCU fans are probably asking “Who the hell are the Eternals?” so you’ve got to work harder to create anticipation and buzz.

FWIW that trailer in the second post was the teaser I was talking about. Also I saw Black Widow, Chang-Chi, Dune and the Eternals in Theaters and never saw that trailer. I only have seen it online. Also neither of the two theaters I went to had a standee or poster for the movie. It just seemed odd.

Disney+ day is Friday, so maybe they’re holding a second trailer until then.

I saw the Spider-Man trailer before Venom and before Dune. It’s a full 3 minute trailer, not sure how it can be called a “teaser.”

The use of “teaser” doesn’t really mean anything any more. It’s basically just shorthand for “the first trailer”.

There’s been a lot of leaks for NWH in the past few days, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “trailer” comes out this week.

At this point, I’m thinking that the current marketing strategy for NWH is, “Post rumors on Reddit, deny rumors on Twitter.”

What’s really weird about NWH is I have no idea who the main villain is supposed to be. Is it Doc Ock or someone else? Usually the big selling point of most superhero movies (especially sequels) is who the big bad is.

Just going by the “teaser”, there doesn’t seem to be a Big Bad, per se. It looks like there may be a conflict between Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, presumably over different approaches to fixing their joint massive screw-up of the space-time continuum. And it looks like Spider-Man will be facing several classic members of Spidey’s Rogues’ Gallery from across the Multiverse. But it looks like the central conflict is just fixing the breaks in the Multiverse they accidentally made and/or dealing with the fall-out of opening up their Earth to the rest of the Multiverse.

Given all of that, I’m fully expecting the climax to involve a sky portal disgorging hordes of enemies, but at least they’ll probably avoid two armies charging each other across an open field (unless we get a whole army of Spider-Men…).

Fingers crossed!

Good time to introduce Mindless Ones!

Yeah, this. I’m not even a huge Spider-man fan, but the last series of movies have been good enough that I’m certainly going to see this one. Easy money, hardly any work at all.

When people want to see your movie, you don’t need to push it at them.

Everyone should bear in mind that Spider-Man is a special case. Marvel (meaning Disney) does not, ultimately, have creative control over the movies. Sony does, in perpetuity, as long as they satisfy a few contractual conditions. The tie-in with the MCU was negotiated as a special temporary exception because Sony was screwing up the property, and they wanted some of that shared-universe scratch. The MCU-flavor Spideys were produced in collaboration with Marvel, but at the end of the day Sony has the wheel. (Note they’re not on Disney+, for example.) Sony has now built out their own shared universe (Venom, Carnage, Morbius, etc.) and Spider-Man will be exiting the MCU after this movie.

As suggested earlier in the thread, whatever marketing is done on this movie is mostly if not entirely up to Sony, not Marvel/Disney.

That’s still unclear. I believe this is the last movie on the contract, but these things get renegotiated all the time. Remember there was a brief blow up right before “Far From Home” came out where THAT was going to be his last movie in the MCU.

That’s changing next year.. I’d be very surprised if this is the last Spider-Man MCU film, Sony notwithstanding. The new Morbius movie reportedly will explicitly reference events and characters from the MCU films, so it seems that they’re moving the Sony and Marvel versions closer together, not farther apart.