Why is it always the ugly ones?

Every day. Every fucking day. I turn the corner into the science hallway to go to chemistry, and there they are. For the love of god, we don’t want to see you making out in the halls. Even if you were an attractive couple we wouldn’t want to see that. But no, you’re two of the ugliest human beings at our school. I don’t know why or what it is about ugly people that makes them feel like it is necessary to be all over each other all the time, but for some reason it doesn’t happen with good-looking people. Seriously, it’s not like it happens less with attractive people - it just does not happen. It’s great that you found someone as ugly as yourself to share your life with, but cmon, be considerate. If you were to see someone so hideous that they out-ugly you making out with someone of the opposite sex in the halls, wouldn’t you be appalled?

To clear up any confusion, I’m in high school. (if you couldn’t tell.)

Actually, it’s painfully evident.

You have a choice about whether you’re going to be ugly on the inside or not. Care to reconsider?

To the OP: I bet you’re no prize either.

Yeah, I could tell all the way around.

And what ever happened to Suburban Rhythm? Why did Ed and Scott quit?

Hehe. RBF!

But anyway, I’m sure it was (is?) painfully obvious that I am in high school. But there’s nothing I can do about it. Oh well.

And let me clarify - I’m not jealous, it just gets on my nerves. Seeing two people making out is kinda weird no matter who they are, but its just exacerbated by them being ugly. One couple specifically comes to mind.

If she were the cutest/best looking girl in the school would your reaction be the same ? :wink:

Hmm…that’s a noodle-scratcher. Offhand, I would say yes, it’s just weird anyway to see people make out. Although it would be a little less weird, I still don’t think it would be a pleasant sight. (Not Pit-worthy, though.)

ok… lets probe a bit further… if people are making out at a party is it wierd too ?

Absolutely one hundred percent false, based on my fourteen years of ‘fieldwork’. In fact, good looking kids are a bit *more * likely. The world is their oyster and they like to remind everyone.

aaaand if it were the two best-looking girls at school making out, would you be complaining?

Nah, but it would be if they were right in the middle of everybody, like at school. I guess it’s just that they’re in visible sight of EVERYBODY and they don’t care.

How long before some wilting violet comes along to comment that this post is “creepy”?

I would ! Its a total waste of good looking girls ! :eek:

I’ll give two answers:

  1. People in “love” live in a world of their own (they tend to forget people around)

  2. Your having a typical northern hemisphere reaction to open displays of affection.
    (I only agree its bad when we see tongues flopping around… otherwise mild kissing is fine by me.)

    Diagnosis: You’re normal … but a bit prudish mayhaps. :smiley:

Touche. (couldn’t find the alt-key for the accent-egue.)

And sorry about the add-on post.

Are you ticked because they’ve got each other and you’ve got nobody?

Are you ticked because, even if you had an SO, the pretty people would be saying the same thing about you, but you haven’t even got that?

Are you ticked because you have the sinking feeling that the only people who will make out with you are people YOU consider ugly, therefore reflecting poorly on you?

Just how close to the pretty-person ideal are you?

Is this distance the true culprit?

This reminded me of a Cheers episode. Frasier and Lilith are talking about making love in the great outdoors.

I don’t recall the exact words. Something like:

Frasier: Do you really think we should?

Lilith: Why not? We’re an attractive couple.


Like hell it is.


This post is creepy.


Happy nowBinarydrone?

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, this is the same guy bitching that people hate teenage boys.

Gee, now where would they get the idea that teenage boys are jerks?