Why is otto an ASSHAT?


Just wondering, because that’s what it says under his member status.

It’s a joke, and a damn funny one at that, that Lynn Bodoni played on him in response to a post he made in this Pit thread.

Colour me very amused! :smiley:

Unfortunately he’s back to normal again - I for one would have voted to keep him that way…

Me! Me! I want to be an ASSHAT too! Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeazze.

Some are born asshats, others have asshatdom thrust upon them.

It’s not a compliment, believe me.

You look fine as you are from here.

your humble TubaDiva
Now see Lynn, you’ve started a trend.

I’m an asshat,
You’re an asshat,
He’s an asshat,
She’s an asshat,
Wouldn’t you like to be an asshat too?

(Where a butt smiley when you need one?)

I’ve been an asshat.

Wait, that’s a bad example. Damn, I want that “ASSHAT” descriptor. :frowning:

You’re calling me a “member” are you? Thanks. :mad: