Why is the Fox 411 guy obsessed with Mariah Carey?

I don’t even know why I read it but foxnews.com has an entertainment insider column called Fox 411. The writer, Roger Friedman is obsessed with Mariah Carey and will not stop shoehorning her into every column (which is often daily).

On Monday:

On Tuesday:


Now, far be it for me to be a J.Lo defender but according to his very own column, Jennifer Lopez’s CD sold more than Mariah’s in its first week.

It came in at a lower chart position because there were more releases. Reminder - I don’t like Jennifer Lopez’s music but this guy’s asskissing of Mariah is crazy. My question is: WHY??!!

I’m sure nobody cares, but still.

Wait-her new album is named CHARMBRACLET?!?! That’s so stupid!

Not that I care about this subject but maybe he wants a date.