Why is the KKK protesting the War in Iraq?

Recently, I came across an article about a KKK rally being planned for September in Gettysburg, PA. The thrust of the article was about the opposition being lined up to the rally, but the most interesting part for me was this little nugget:


Anyone know what the nature of the Klan’s opposition to the war is? I had naively (and, I suppose, unfairly) assumed that they would support the war, though I guess that’s not the case. I guess I could try to find the answer online, but I don’t really want to subject myself to their websites. Any guesses as to the answer?

I’m guessing here, but probably something to do with wasting the lives of good white Americans securing freedom for brown people.

To make people feel oogy because they agree with the KKK?

You can probably ferret the information out of www.kkk.bz, but

a) I wouldn’t click that link at work if I were you, and
b) Be prepared for some of the worst web design you’ve ever seen.

I bet ya that was a real hot design back in '94.

Meh, I didn’t read the whole link, but I’m guessing that since it’s taking place in the Middle East close to Israel I could imagine they’ve convinced themselves that the Iraq war is part of some kind of vast Zionist conspiracy orchestrated by Jewish folk who actually run the US, UN, Trilateral Commision, Skull and Bones or whatever, etc. or something equally idiotic along anti-semitic lines. In other words, like their neo-Nazi cousins, I’m sure they probably still hate Middle Eastern folk, but I’m guessing they probably hate Jewish people even more.

Okay, I got curious and kept poking.

They don’t seem to list a specific objection to the war in Iraq, but from the KKK party platform:

Several of their other planks are less-elaborate versions of this one, so I’d say they’re pretty sincere about it. They’re not exactly in love with NAFTA either. I guess isolationism goes well with racism and homophobia.

Weeee, I can’t believe that site. “The World’s First and Only Racialist Internet TV SHOW -Now Beginning our 5th Season!” It’s like something you’d see on Comedy Central.

Wow, the KKK site is some bizarre reading. They have a banner that reads: “Support our Troops! Bring Them Home! Put Them on OUR Border!” There is a link to a website that demands that the US concentrate on protecting the border with Mexico. It doesn’t mention anything about Muslims or Jews on the link. They go on and on about how immigration is hurting the US and they have an unitentionally hilarious picture of these two Mexican guys, one grabbing his crotch and the other giving the camera the finger. Sweet!


Whoa, that site is something else. They’re the nice Klan!