Why Is There A Pink "Telekom" T.....

…in my address line all of a sudden? Did Deustche Telekom buy up the internet, or what?



The picture in your address bar is the “favicon” for the web site you’re looking at. (If you’re a Transformers fan, you may remember the Favicons as the race of evil robots whom God sent Optimus Prime to slay, but that’s not important right now.)

Anyway, under normal circumstances, that icon should change as you go to different web sites. Webmasters can change it for their sites by storing a new icon as /favicon.ico. (If you’re a fan of the movie Ghostbusters, you may remember the Webmaster as the possessed guy that Sigourney Weaver was looking for, played by Rick Moranis, but that’s… oh, who am I kidding?)

If you’re seeing it for every site, your browser has probably gotten stuck. Restarting the browser and/or emptying your cache might help.