Why my life is great (or an anti-rant for techchick)

In this thread, a typical mundane rant was answered with an “Oh, yeah? Well, be thankful you don’t have it worse” type reply. Unless you really want to read a back and forth between techchick68, hajario, et al, I’d say skip it. If you’ve bitched and moaned before and had someone steal your thunder with that type of remark, you pretty much know how it goes.

So it got me thinking. If I’m supposed to look on the bright side and realize that things could be worse, then it’s high time I start a list of all the good stuff in my life. Here goes…

Why It’s Great To Be Scout

[li] I have a job that has killer internet access. That means I can spend my lunch hour (ahem, and then some) cruising these message boards. Thank God for Scylla, Fenris, jarbabyj and many others for the laughter they provide.[/li]
[li] I have a job. Period. That means I have countless annoying, beaureaucratic things to complain about. Daily.[/li]
[li] I have a car. That means I get to commute to my job everyday and spend some quality time with people who can’t find the blinker, brake pedal or even their offramps in a timely manner. Plus, I get to bitch and moan about the skyrocketing price of gasoline![/li]
[li] I can afford groceries. This allows me the luxury of eating too much, gaining weight, losing it again, and forever worrying about how my ass looks in these pants.[/li]
[li] I have a boyfriend. Just imagine the numerous Pit threads this alone can generate. Hurrah![/li]
[li] I have a hobby I love. Why else would I have taken up running if not to bitch about sore muscles, chafing, and the cost of a good pair of running shoes?[/li][/ul]

See? Because my life is so great, I have PLENTY to complain about. Life is good, but thank heavens for the Pit!

Coming up next…“People I Must Pity Because I Have It Better Than They Do”

Gee, I like this!

I have a great life because:
[li]I am healthy.[/li][li]I have a marvelously hilarious and loving family.[/li][li]I have a tasty, twisted boyfriend.[/li][li]I have awesome, smart, excellent friends.[/li][li]I have a cool job that pays well and allows me to work when I want.[/li][li]I have a snazzy apartment full of interesting things to play with and look at.[/li][li]I paint really funky paintings that amuse and delight and annoy people, including myself.[/li][li]I’m attractive and have fully embraced my shallowness and extreme vanity.[/li][li]God has been real darned good to me.[/li][/ul]

-I have a job. It’s a pretty good job, the tips are okay and the pay is nice. The benefits are very useful, the environment is lively (it’s a casino, the environment better be lively), my supervisors/co-workers are tolerable, and I’m good at what I do. I get free soda on my breaks. :slight_smile:

-I have all my limbs; arms, legs, hands, toes-everything that’s supposed to be there. I can see and hear at a level that allows me to do all the things that I need to do to live without any assistance. I can take care of myself and am in good (enough) health.

-I make people smile. Everyday I make at least one person smile.

-My family loves me.

-I have the amazing ability to completely ignore anyone without letting them know that they’re being ignored. It’s convenient, to say the least.

-I started playing basketball again, which couldn’t possibly make me happier. I love basketball and I hadn’t even looked at a hoop for about 6 years. I’m glad I went back.

-I have friends. Had you asked me a month ago how many friends I have, I would have said “None”. I do though. A couple of them, and they’re great.

There are plenty of reasons why my life absolutely sucks, but that’s true for everyone.

Nice thread, scout. It’s better to focus on the good things in life.