why SDMB so slow?

Why do the SDMB threads take forever to load (if at all) is it just me? I’ve got a T1 connection, and this is the slowest site I’ve ever been to.

Welcome to the SDMB, and thank you for posting your comment.

Please read the description of each forum at the message board main page, and take a peek inside each forum to get an idea of what kind of questions are posted in that forum.

For example, your question is the kind of question that we like to see placed in the «About This Message Board» forum. As a matter of fact, if you mosey on over there, you will see this same issue being discussed in several threads. To make a long story short, the server that hosts the SDMB is overtaxed, and since the site does not generate any revenue for our gracious hosts at the Chicago Reader, they are reluctant to spend more money on it.

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