why so much rain in the south this year?

Its raining again. Pouring. Every day this summer. We’ve exceeded rainful averages for the year already. All the lakes are At flood stage with the dams releasing water downstream. Forecast is rain as far out as the forecast goes. Weird summer. What’s the weather pattern causing this?

It’s climate change.

Just like with the previous drought.

The “south” of what?

Me = Texas. Trust me, there ain’t been much rain lately.

OP, please send it our way, kthxbye.

SE USA. South Carolina.

The jet stream is much further south than usual.

I like this definition of The South with it referring to the states in the brownish color. Most definitions of the South include Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida. IMHO, I think of Texas and Oklahoma as more southwest or west than south. And Florida, well who really wants to claim Florida?

And, yes, we have had a metric shit ton of rain this year.

While you’re at it, could you send some up this way too?

Is this also why here in Michigan, apart from one hot week in the middle of July, it’s been a much cooler summer than usual?

It sure seems like we’ve had more than usual this year. A lot of times it hasn’t rained much but just enough to keep the temp. and humidity down. We haven’t had the heat wave other parts of the country have had. It’s been a great summer, overall. I’m in West Tennessee/Northeast Arkansas.

i think some areas of the northern midwest of the USA have set records for the lowest high temps on a number of days. i think they’re having temps more like a couple months later.

melons have exploded down southeast.

Tampa/St. Pete area got over 3" of rain today. It has rained every day for weeks. While technically in the hurricane season, it really doesn’t begin for another few weeks.

We had a drought situation for a number of years which drained the aquapher and a number of inland lakes. With all the rain for the past couple years we still haven’t caught up.