Why the 15 second rule at Argo Tea? Any thoughts on how to follow up?

Fact. My husband and I were the subject of a racial profiling episode. Last Friday at the Argo Tea on west Randolph St. one of the wait staff called the police as my husband did not order a tea beverage within seconds of his arrival. Yes. [REDACTED] is the Argo Tea employee who immediately dialed 911. First, [REDACTED] harassed my husband because he would not respond to her commands to ‘get in the tea ordering line’ or ‘get out.’ [REDACTED] ambushed him. She actually left her post behind the beverage bar. As he tried to move away from this crazed employee, she followed him demanding that he order or else–all based upon the color of his skin. Nice place, huh?

I was in the bathroom during [REDACTED]'s rant. It all took place within 90 seconds. Then, the employee harasses me. She made about a dozen assumptions about things of which she knows not. Management has, so far, turned a blind eye to the episode. Argo tea is out of whack with their mission and published values.

That certainly sounds like an unpleasant way to treat customers.

However, you state as “fact” that this was because of racial profiling. What gives you that idea?

Can you describe the incident chronologically without adding to it your opinion?

Also, I think it’s dubious to make accusations about a named individual on these public boards. I’ve reported your post because of this.

The OP is a rant, not a question About This Message Board.

I am going to move it to the BBQ Pit. I would advise the OP to be prepared to provide a fair amount of evidence in support of her position, because I am sure that with this crowd, there will be a lot of questions–some hostile.

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First of all, this subject is not appropriate for the About This Message Board forum. However, since this regards a potential legal issue, especially one regarding a named individual, it is really not the kind of thread that’s suitable for this board. I am closing it rather than moving it.

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And, for a Moderator hat-trick, I’ve removed the name of the employee.

We are checking with corporate on this. in the meantime I’l make it a quartet by reopening the thread.

I think I can safely speak for the rest of us in this case.

WTF are you talking about?!?

One has to wonder what Argo puts in its tea.

I thought Argo made corn starch.

While I am aware that various forms of bias and prejudice exist in the world, there is not sufficient information in the OP for me to really know what’s going on. How does the OP know it was specifically racial bias? Were racial or ethnic slurs used? Something else?

Is there really a shop somewhere that calls the cops if you don’t order tea within fifteen seconds?

We’ll need more details about why this person was banned from Argo: Causing whores to riot? Landing a shuttlecraft on the roof of City Hall?

Argo Tea Employer = A Gloomy Repartee.

Now the pieces are starting to come together.

That would be awesome. I HATE waiting in line behind people who stand there and peruse the menu board while they’re supposed to be ordering. If you’re not sure what you want, stand back until you decide, then get in line.

It’s especially egregious when you’re at one of the national chains. Hey, guess what? The menu is exactly the same as it was the first 100 times you went there.

Remember the soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld? This is the tea Nazi.

“R” don’t go “T”

“R” go “R”

glad to help

14 k of g in a fpd?

Hmm. Customer is getting yelled at for standing around and not ordering. Customer’s wife subsequently comes out of the bathroom. Gee, I wonder what the store could possibly be bitching about.

The only other thread started by the OP suggests she may not be forthcoming with further explanation.