Why the Mods seem so testy

(If I don’t manage to insult you with a backhanded compliment, or compliment you with a forehanded insult, you aren’t paying attention.)

By definition, we are “thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet.” Smart and hip people tend to flaunt their natural superiority. This may not be done consciously! In fact, just by being superior to the masses, they stand out and are very annoying, especially in a democracy.

A thought experiment: Pretend you are another person, in all ways your equal, listening to you mouth off on some topic, whether you know anything about it or not. Now, be honest. How long will it take before you want to punch this guy in the nose? Ten minutes? Five? Now, imagine you are one of the Mods, having to listen to THOUSANDS of us. It’s bad enough when we aren’t addressing the Mods. When we do, how often are we complaining about them?

Can you blame them for being a little short tempered? Heck, I’d be buying a gun by my second day as a Mod.

Some of us already had plenty.

Heh. I’m testy because I live in New York. They teach us that here.

And even if they didn’t, I’d still be cranky. New York, after all, is the City that Never Sleeps. People think that means non-stop excitement, the lights on Broadway never going out, all that stuff.

Nope. It means what it says. We are the City that Never Sleeps. You know how you feel after pulling an all-nighter? That’s us, all the time.

I’m blessed with a pretty selective hearing, but I gotta tell ya, sometimes listening to just one of ya is enough to make me go berserk.

It’s a good thing the more aggressive mods like myself don’t have access to firearms.

Testy my ass. I’m as cheery as Cedric C. Cheerness on the morning he cheerfully invented the cheering florg.

If someone asks me what a florg is, they’re dead meat.

Am I that one?

And, what’s a florg?

Am I that one now?

drop, I don’t even have to listen to you to want to punch you in the nose. :smiley:

Trust me, you are far from alone. I can’t read many of my own posts without wanting to punch that jerk’s lights out. His winking santimoniousness gets on my nerves pretty darned fast. :wink:

You’d think that listening to us would be enlightening, or something.

Nah, I’m probably wrong. It seems to me it’s more like small gerbils being thrown into a paper shredder.

Testy mods? Who has testy mods? We certainly don’t have any of those on THIS message board!

Testy POSTERS, now, THAT is a different story…


Yup. Just check ATMB for threads with that as the title, even:)

I don’t care if the mods are testy.

They don’t scare me one little, itsy, bitsy teeny tiney bit cause I’ve invented and am currently wearing the Official Tin Foil-lined Anti-Mod Retribution Hat™
[sub] ask me how you can get one for your very own [/sub]

Oh yes I feel as safe as a babe in its mama’s arms. :smiley:



and smooches, too!


I just want you to know that when I looked at the title of this thread, I could have sworn that it said “Why the Mods seem so tasty”.

I was coming in here to offer my opinion when I noticed my error. I have no idea why they are so testy–out of my realm of expertise! Carry on!

But what good are they without the matching Official Anti-Administrator Underwear, Official Anti-Zotti Turtleneck Sweater, and Official Anti-Cecil Stockings? :slight_smile:

[Homer]D’oh [/Homer}

I knew this seemed too easy :smiley:

Yeah, I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that familiar with mods until I saw the movie Quadrophenia, but they do seem pretty testy. Must be all the pills and fighting with Rockers all the time.

[HardDaysNight]“Are you a Mod or a Rocker?” "Neither, I’m a Mocker.[/HardDaysNight]

Huh huh…uh… you said… testy.


::::: bows down before the mods ::::::::

I feel you!

I,m a mod at a GT forum (probably not as hard tho).

Hey … while you’re down there …