Why was Sherry Burke Banned?

ETA, Correction: Sherry Burke, not Burns!

Just curious. Is it because it couldn’t write a lick, or another reason?

It had 6 total posts, with the first one around 0230 this morning, and 4 others within 11 minutes of that.


Most likely, spammer or sock.

E-mail a moderator.

A mod will be on here momentarily telling you to PM them with such questions, as these threads give the bannees the attention they crave. Stinky Mk II would be my guess.

Thanks guys, I’ll look into how to send such an email.

Sorry for breaking the rule! RTFM, as they (often, I) say. :smack:

See the link posted by Covered_In_Bees.

Posters who are banned within a few posts are invariably spammers (probably 99% of them), socks, or trolls. If you really want to know what happened to one of them, e-mail a mod.