Why was Smurfette, the only female Smurf?

Watching re-runs of the Smurfs, I notice that Smurfette is the only female Smurf. Why is this?

IIRC, Smurfette was orginally created by Gargamel as a temptress to lure the Smurfs into a trap, but she turned good and joined the Smurfs instead.

Originally, there were NO female Smurfs at all. Apparently, Smurfs reproduce asexually.

Didn’t Gargamel(sp?) create Smurfette to try to catch Smurfs? Then later on he created little girl smurf. So they are the only females.
What always bothered me was where Baby Smurf came from.

That is correct. Interestingly, the original evil Smurfette had black hair. When she turned good she went blonde.

The answer is probably because the original comic strip (called “The Schtroumpfs”) never had any females. It was created by Belgian artist Peyo in 1957 and was a hit in Europe. Since the Schtroumpfs were elves, they were probably considered asexual, with neither male or female members.

When they moved it to the U.S. (and evidently watered it down considerably), they added Smurfette. She may have even been added after complaints that there were no female Smurfs.

There are not female smurfs. Smurfs are men and smurfettes are females

didn’t Smurfette start off as some clockwork abomination? Like she was a fake robo-girl-smurf sent to lure the smurfs back to Gargamel. But then she turned real by the light of the moon or something.

Gez, these memories are hazy. Too smurfin’ hazy.

Go to this siute and have all your smurfy answers.



I’d presumed all the Smurfs were gay, and Smurfette was just a drag queen.

Smurfette was not the only girl Smurf. Later, when the annoying Smurf Kids became part of the show, there was a little girl smurf with red pigtails.

What disturbs me far more than Smurfette is that no matter how many new smurfs were added (Smurfette, Baby, Grandpa, etc.), there were ALWAYS 101.

That leads to the SDMB question: Did the Smurfs practice Smurfy Sacrifice?


“annoying Smurf Kids”??? More annoying than regular Smurfs?

<muffled weeping>


For God sakes…goddamn liberal arts majors!!! Now we know why Papa Smurf always wore red :wink:

Personally, I always thought that Smurfette came home sore after all them Smurf parties :wink:

The Smurf kids were called Smurflings. I didn’t watch many of those ones, they’d lost any sense of originality by then, and anyway, Gummi Bears was so much better.