Will the BBC do another Three Doctors - Doctor Who reunion?

Back in the 70’s there were a couple Doctor Who reunion shows.

The Three Doctors featured Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell
It was broadcast 30th December 1972 - 20th January 1973. There were four Episodes.

They did it again a few years later in 1983 with the Five Doctors.

Do you think the BBC will ever reunite Christopher Eccleston, David Tenant, and Matt Smith and do another Three Doctors special?

Maybe even do a feature movie? Or would a multi-part tv special be better?

Can’t see Eccleston going for it, but Paul McGann certainly would!

I think that is highly unlikely, for several reasons.

  • Eccleston doesn’t want to return to the show, and would almost certainly refuse
  • The current production team doesn’t like multi-Doctor stories, and wouldn’t do it.
  • Multi-doctor stories are overdone

Really? There were only three so far weren’t there? The last back in the 80s.

And that’s one more than enough.

The current production team made Time Crash. Admittedly it was a special minor event, but it’s the kind of thing Steven Moffat loves.

The actual rumor is that it would be another Five Doctors, not just the newbies. I also heard that they are reluctant to bring Tenant back any time soon, since there was such a stink over the new Doctor, (which wasn’t helped by how he unwillingly regenerated, but I digress). I think it would be more likely for whoever’s left from classic Who, and maybe McGann.

Incidentally, I think McGann and Eccleston got the look of the Doctor down more than the rest. They looked different from everyone else.

If they do, I imagine it’ll be in 2013 - that’ll be the 50th anniversary of the start of the show.