Will: Top or Bottom?

Of Will & Grace: Bottom I say, and proud of it! :slight_smile:


Please. Gay men don’t have sex on network television.

But yeah, total bossy bottom but he can top if he has to.

But he’ll complain about it all the way through and then in every phone call he makes to you for the next three months…

Will’s so bottem I wonder why anyone would question it.

Any way you put it, he would be bitching about the mess… :wink:

Yeah, I see him as more of a hand-job-with-rubber-gloves kinda guy.

So if Will and Jack got together, Jack top?

We in the gay community call such a situation “bumping pussies”…

Maybe Leo would step in and save the day

Or Karen or Rosario, who’re obviously the only tops on the show.

Physically Will’s a bottom, but mentally he’s fantasizing about cleaning the sheets.

Jack is of the “if-it-only-involves-guys-sex-count-me-in” variety. I don’t think he would reject any activity, any gadget, or any number. Cruel stereotype, I know.

Oh yeah, Jack’s totally versatile.

But the correct answer to the question “what would happen if Will and Jack got together?” is “the world would dissolve into a massive puddle of 'eeeeewww!” Because seriously, ew.

Oh, and since this is the first W&G thread there’s been in a while, I’m going to throw in that I went to college with Sean Hayes. Uh, I didn’t actually have any classes with him, or meet him, or, like, see him on campus or anything, but he and I attended Illinois State University at the same time. When I found out I started racking my brain to see if I remembered seeing him at any of the gay student group events because he’s “my sexuality is none of your business which means I’m gay but don’t want to hurt my career by coming out despite the fact that I am almost completely type-cast” but I don’t recall his ever being at one.

Re Sean Hayes - Out of curiosity I’ve noticed a good many gay guys don’t consider him particularly “hot” and some are actually quite put off by him, and yet he appears to be a very good looking man. . Why no love for Sean Hayes?

Maybe because he isn’t totally out of the closet?

Anyone who thinks Sean Hayes is typecasted didn’t see the Dean & Jerry movie that ran a couple of months ago. He was excellent as Jerry Lewis.

He’s not really gay? :confused: Naawww… no one’s that good an actor.

Or is that it, that his portrayal of a nellie type gay man is *too * over the top?

He’s a good-looking enough guy but he just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t really know why. Eric “I’m not gay, I’m Canadian (but I might be gay too)” McCormack doesn’t do it for me either, but that’s largely because from certain angles he looks like an ex-roommate of mine who is so loathesome and detestable a human being that the thought of being attracted to someone who even resembles him makes me break out.

Well, both Michael C. Hall and Mathew St. Patrick are supposedly straight and at least one is married.

They sure made for a hot gay couple on Six Feet Under. :slight_smile:


In that picture he looks like he could be JC Chasez’s (Backstreet Boy or NSync) brother.

As for the OP, may I ask a question here I have never understood.

I get what topper and bottom means.

Do most gay guys have a preference? It would seem one would do both if so inclined.

There are plenty of “good-looking” guys who do absolutely nothing for me, and there are some extremely hot men whom I’d never call “good-looking.”

I **might **be attracted to Sean Hayes out of character, but I’m definitely not attracted to Jack.

Top. Not topper. Topper is a wise-cracking ghost. Wait, was Topper the ghost? I should know this…

Do most gay guys have a preference? It would seem one would do both if so inclined.

Can I just say how amusing this question is coming from someone called middleman?

I don’t know about “most” gay guys, but many of the ones I know have a preference. I think it used to be that people who identified as one or the other never ventured outside their self-assigned roles but my sense is that’s changed somewhat. Tops in my experience are more reluctant (to the point of in one case threatening physical violence) to venture outside the role.

And some guys, even if they are gay, just don’t like the feel of things stuffed up their butts.