Will Trump call The Pope "A Loser"?

Pope says building a wall isn’t a very “Christian” thing to do. We know that The Donald always fights back.

Oh, Boy! I can’t wait to hear this next round!

You just can’t make this shit up! :smiley:

Trump said that a religious leader questiong someone’s faith is “disgraceful”. Cite.

“Your Grace, that’s disgraceful. Who do you think you are to question me; the Pope?”

And now Trump’s aide has delivered the final blow:

And just look at how effective they are at keeping the Italians out!

Two things:

  1. It’s not
  2. You can walk into Vatican City whenever you want without anyone asking you anything.

Not entirely. I was there decades ago in August. We were told, “No, shorts.” :wink:

But Trumpy may like all the flowing and overly vibrant hair in the Sistine Chapel.

You know, I could have sworn that a previous American President made a big thing about tearing down walls.

Yes. That would be Ronald Reagan (D).

But they’ve been very effective with those darn Etruscans!

I’m waiting for someone to tell Trump the fact that the walls were first built by Pope Leo IV to defend against Muslim raiders that had sacked St. Peter’s Basilica.

Well, what do you expect from an Argentinian. That’s like southern Mexico, right?

Well, we all know they agree on gay marriage and abortion, if you believe Trump has changed his position on these issues.

And there are plenty of protestants that think the Pope has no religious authority and that the Catholic church doesn’t know much about Christianity.

So, I call it a draw. I’m not sure who would draw a bigger crowd in Columbia, SC these days.

Man, I just know there’s got to be a Like button here somewhere …

Well, not whenever you want. You can only walk in when St. Peter’s or the Vatican Museum are open. And even then, you can only walk into those two places. If you try to enter the rest of the Vatican, any time, you will be asked questions.

Who will be the one to mock the funny thing on the other’s head first?

Yeah, because everything called a wall is the same thing. :roll eyes:

And thanks for making me nominally side with Trump on that!

Surely a polymath of TRUMP’s prowess is already quite familiar with such details of the Vatican’s history. His eidetic memory and keen understanding of the historical record are just one facet of the precious jewel that is TRUMP’s incontrovertible, unprecedented and boundless genius. My loins quiver with anticipation for the Day of Reckoning when TRUMP lays waste to all his Mammonite Kochsucking cuck fucklick Gumpesque enemies with a single arch of his brow and ushers in a new thousand-year era of prosperity and American exceptionalism and sweet revenge on those stupid jocks who stuffed me into my locker.

Technically, Trump has an ugly growth on his ass.

Hey, I read TPMtoo!

I think Trump may have bitten off more than he can chew, this time. You’ve got a guy who has drawn universal praise for every move he’s made since taking office, and has a billion followers. Not someone you’d want to pick a fight with.