Will US bombs fall on Iran soon?

Just wondering what people think.

I voted no.

If it happens, it will not occur until after the US presidential election.

Not happening unless Iran does something moronic.

Agree with QSH. Nothing will happen if status quo continues.

I don’t think U.S. bombs would fall before Israeli bombs. I think Israel no longer feels secure with the alliance we have long held.

Mein Gott in Himmel, I fucking hope not. I’m sick to death of all this stupid, useless destruction.

I think bombs will fall, but they will be kosher bombs.

This will be the new Israeli national anthem:

Not before Jan. 20. After that, who knows?

Exactly, I was going to say get back with me November 7th, but you beat me to it.

If there is a WWIII it’s going to start in the middle east. I think this whole annihilate the jews is going to make it’s ugly appearnce once again. But this time Israel is going to take care of it first before anyone else does.

Bombs, yes. But not ours.

Whatever Israel does, I don’t blame them.

AFAIC, those people (Israeli zionists and Palestinian jihadists) deserve one another. What a hotbed of hatred and intolerance on both sides.

So you’re saying 100% chance, it’s almost a guarantee they’ll do something moronic.

I’ll take this to mean something beyond their day to day insanity.

No. The Israelis would not be so foolish as to attack Iran. In the first place, they cannot attack using conventional bombs-Iran is too far away, and the nuclear plants are well defended. That leaves nuclear weapons-and Israel would risk immediate destruction if they used theirs.
I predict the status quo will continue…until there is a major “accident” at one of Iran’s enrichment plants-this will (of course) be blamed upon the USA and or Israel.

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Not US bombs. Israeli bombs? Maybe.

My gut feeling here is that Israel is waiting until they’re sure that the US has their back. They can’t be sure of this with Obama. Romney, OTOH…

Immediate destruction from whom, and how? If it were in any way, at all, possible for Israel to be destroyed…it would have been long since.

Would any European country launch against Israel in retaliation for a nuclear strike against the Iranian nuclear labs? Would Russia? China? India? Even Pakistan? I just don’t see it.

There would be vast condemnation, and very likely serious economic consequences. Even the U.S. would be forced to cut way back on economic support for Israel. Egypt would probably fall into the hands of extremists. It would be BAD! But…the destruction of Israel? How?