Windows 10 is EVIL!

Why should the minority of smart people be forced to suffer alongside the dumb people?

It’s the Manservant Hecubus of operating systems.

A considerate operating system that will play your YouTube videos and get your email, but EVIL NONE THE LESS!

Won 7, at least the way my work configured it, kept bugging you to install updates until you did - but let you delay it until it was a good time. In our configuration at least there was no way of turning off the reminders. That seems a perfectly acceptable way of forcing updates while not rebooting when the OS feels like it.

I’m able to play games on the Mac. Unless you mean things like the multi player games?

And yet, you just posted a panicky thread in GQ because your Apple phone is deleting stuff on your Apple computer. How’s that working out for you?

That was hardly a panicky post, and I imagine such things happen to other OSs.

So what? It’s my computer, not theirs. We’re not talking worms or viruses anymore, just malware. It won’t affect anyone else but the computer that it’s on.

Microsoft could have fixed their small updates so they didn’t need to restart the computer. Then people mostly wouldn’t care if an update happened. But they didn’t. They made it worse, where every update on Windows 10 required a restart. And then they have these biannual updates that take hours to install and resets a bunch of stuff. (My GPU drivers got broken) And that’s because they decided to keep using the same install system they’d been using since Windows Vista.

The thing is, it’s my computer. Everything on it is my choice. Taking away choice that you used to give makes you an asshole. Even and especially if you’re doing it “for my own good.” Fuck any developer that uses that logic.

While everyone else seems optimistic, I actually am not sure you guys will fix OP’s problem. Microsoft downloads drivers on its own now. And it seems unlikely that a monitor driver would fail, since they are so basic. I suspect the issue may instead be a GPU driver issue. That it’s falling back to a basic driver that can’t support dual displays.

Why not keep your existing computer and install Linux instead?

Yeah, and after windows 10 changed my OS language, I tried to change it back to English and it’s all like " you don’t really mean that" and kept my settings menu in Japanese. Like I don’t really know what language I want.

I dual-boot, and use Linux for everything but games. The Windows partition is for games only.

I still hate it when Windows decides it has to reboot when I’m playing and can’t see the dialog box.

Best of both worlds: Run Windows 10 in a VM on macOS.

While that sounds very noble it in no way justifies the spyware and other intrusive software incorporated into Windows 10.

I was lucky enough to have a PC that wasn’t compatible with Win 10, so they couldn’t force the upgrade on me. :slight_smile:

And some of us have had nothing but good experiences with Win 10, even on complex systems. Win 7 was great; Win 10 is a worthwhile upgrade for many of us.

You can play some games in a Mac, but the set of games that can be played in a Mac is far smaller that the set of games of that can be played in a PC, and there is almost no games you can play in a Mac that won’t run in a PC.

Since a computer main purpose is to play games, a Mac is mostly just another domestic appliance, like the TV or the microwave oven…

To be serious for a bit, I’ve never used an apple product (except for 2 frustating weeks trying to make a web site work in IE for Mac about 10 years ago), I feel a (mostly unwarranted I recognize) visceral dislike for the things.

Of course many like them so obviously they have their uses, but they are not inherently superior to PCs and their fans can get tiresome with their evangelizing, specially when you thing that the thing they trying to get yout to use cannot run most of the games in the market.

If you don’t care for games you’ll probably be better using a PC with Linux, (far cheaper also!).
So while Macs have their advantage (they have a good rep in Graphic Design), they are not something a regular user should need, if he or she just needs something for checking web sites and watching Youtube a good Android tablet would serve.

Do a clean install of Windows 7. At the time you installed Windows 10, the windows 7 folders were moved to Windows.old and then after 4 weeks they were deleted.

You will need the product key for the previous Windows 7 installation and just do a clean install. Hopefully you’ve still got it somewhere.

If you feel adventurous, you can try Linux Mint Cinamon (I suggest 17.3) which you can use as a LiveCD without actually installing it. Linux Mint comes with Virtualbox which can be used to install a virtual Windows OS so you can use any of the software you own - it wont play games because the virtual graphics driver isn’t good enough.

Good post.

You can use Virtualbox to install OS X. Haven’t done it myself but interested to see how it goes.

Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options > Notify to Schedule Restart.

Easy Peasy.

I haven’t seen a Windows version since, oh? 7? Vista? Can’t remember. How would running 10 on a Mac be the best of both worlds?

Evangelizing is irritating but I really do believe that a Mac is the best way to go for someone who doesn’t play many games (or have any real desire to). I don’t have to worry about all these things that you all talk about WRT Windows and the things are durable as hell. Tho, I’ve never had a Linux box, so I don’t know how that compares. I use a laptop only and just need it for email, internet access and Photoshop.