windows 10 question

When I start up windows 10, I have to type in my password every time. I am the only person using the computer.
Is there a way to start it up without typing my password every time?
Can I do something so that it will know me?
When i had windows 7, all I had to do was click on “open” and it opened.

Here’s some instructions

I tried what you said but when I clicked the button under password, I got a window that wanted my old password and then it went to “sign in”.
Then, when I clicked on it, it asked for the last four digits from my phone number. I did that and I got a phone call with a code.
when I used the code, I was asked what I wanted to change my password to.
I don’t want to change my password. I want to eliminate having to use it every time I log in.

When it asks what you want to change your password to, can you leave it blank and just click next?

when I leave it blank and click next it tells me that " this information is required" and will not let me go on.

Right click Start

Select Run

Type “netplwiz” and click OK

Untick the “Users must enter password” etc box. It’s near the top of the dialogue box.

It’ll throw up another dialogue box where you need to enter your password twice (use the one you are already using), to give the authority to remove the password login restriction

Click OK


That’s all you need to do

to the baron,
Thanks, that seems to have done it.

Upon further tries, it does not work, but thanks for your help, anyway.
it seems to me that there should be some way to cancel out the need for "my “computer to need " my” password every time I boot it up.

You can also change to a “pin” which is a much shorter version.

Alternatively, create a second standard local user without admin privileges and no password. Win 10 will boot usually into the last account used.
Your password is needed to install many software packages, but not boot up password

Or change to a local account and remove the password.

Yeah, starting with Windows 8 they made it so you have to use something, if not a full text password then you must at least use a four-digit PIN. It doesn’t seem to have any restrictions on the PIN number itself, it can be all four of the same digit etc.

Unless you are using a pure “Local Account”, where you don’t have to have a password, but to use the “Store” to get those App’s you must at least have a MS account.

To the baron.
It is now the next day and when I booted up my computer, it went right to the site with out using my password.
I guess it took awhile to sink in (?). I’m 64 and will never understand computers. It didn’t work yesterday.
But, it seems to have worked-Thanks.

Isn’t it wonderful how intuitive this all is. Imagine not knowing that all you have to do is run netplwiz. And the documentation they provide is so great.

Another reason not to upgrade to Win-10: The NY Times tech page yesterday had an item that after you upgrade, your audio driver may fail. A couple of ways of trying to get an update were suggested, but no guarantees.

if you’re using Microsoft Account credentials to log into your PC, then yes you must have a password. if you don’t and are just using a “local” account, you don’t need one.

only if you log in with your Microsoft account credentials. Local accounts don’t require passwords.

Audio driver for what hardware? The NY Times is more or less completely fucking clueless when it comes to both the automotive industry and tech.

As mentioned many times earlier in this thread - you don’t need a password in a local account.

Which specific audio driver of the million different versions sound cards stopped working after the upgrade? Cite please.

Either way, that’s like saying that new cars are not working properly, because they don’t have a 8-track tape.