Windows Keeps Updating to Win 10

I’ve had Windows 10 for months now, but occasionally when I boot up, the system “updates” to Win 10. This is irritating because all my favorites, passwords, etc. are lost and I have to set them up again. Why does it do that?

I don’t understand the question. You already have Windows 10, how can it be ‘updating’ to the same version (10)? If you mean it’s simply running Windows Updates that is normal, but it should not effect your data like that. You may have a virus or malware.

It’s not an update. It updates to 10 as if I don’t have 10 already. It gives me a welcome message and introductory stuff to 10. And it loses all my data I had.

it sounds like something is invoking a “reset” or “restore” from the recovery partition. no idea what would be doing that. what’s the “pedigree” of your system? Brand, or self-built? clean install of W10 or upgraded from an earlier version?

This is actually a fairly new computer with Win 10 already installed. HP.

that’s really weird. is it new enough where you’re still under HP’s support?

There is an update that has been causing issues. It’s is not called an update, it’s called an Upgrade to version 1511, 10586. I would check your update history to see if it’s applying and re-applying it.

The upgrade first appeared in November, was pulled by Microsoft, came back out, and does cause some oddness.

that update shouldn’t wipe out any user data. I installed that update on my desktop back when it was originally released, and installed it today on my mom’s laptop. neither have nuked any data after rebooting.

True. Deleted apps have been reported, but I haven’t seen any deleted data. Favorites and passwords though – if it is trying to re-set up Edge as opposed to IE…OP, what browser do you use? And it’s losing data, as in files/pics/etc?

I haven’t lost anything in my Library, such as photos and docs, but all my passwords, favorite websites, and contacts are lost. I use IE but also have Edge, of course, and Google Chrome. I use Thunderbird as my email reader.

Have you checked your update history to see what updates/upgrades were most recently applied (or failed to apply)?

ETA: Do you have your favorites folder under your documents folder? Is it cleaned out, or still populated?

Correction: the Favorites folder is under your User name, on the C drive.

When you shut down the machine, does it do so gracefully, or does it talk about forcing things to close? Stupid question, but you’re not just turning off the power to shut it down?

I had the same thing he’s talking about. Caught me by surprise and I thought it was an update but in a way it is. It was a complete redid but most of my info was intact still.

At the end it said enjoy the new features of Windows 10 so I think it was a service pack upgrade.

I cannot find the update history in Win 10. The updates are in settings but I cannot find history, even though I searched for it. Where is the update history located? Going to updates, I find that an update is now available, a cumulative update, and it says it is now downloading it but nothing is downloading. I will check later today when I have more time. I do not know where my favorite websites would be located other than I had them saved on my browser.

My favorites (bookmarks) disappeared because I lost my browsers and had to reinstall them. My cookies, of course, were also gone. Nothing on my computer was affected, except the arrangement I made in the Start button links, and items I added to it, such as Clean Disk.

Click on the start button and settings, update and security, Windows update. It should say that it’s downloading. Clicking details will show you what’s on the queue. Clicking advanced options Will give you the choice to turn off auto updating and also view update history.

For ie favorites, you can look under c:/users/your userid/favorites.

Thanks. The only item in the update history is a plug-in for IE on 12/13.