WinXP problem: unable to set the clipboard data

Got a friend who’s using the Sound Editor portion of Roxio’s CD Creator 5. Whenever he tries to copy a portion of the wav file, he gets the message: “Unable to set the clipboard data”. Even if he just tries to cut a portion of the file, he gets this meaasge.

He’s running WinXP.

Any clues?

Are you sure you can use ezcd 5 with XP? Xp uses its own version of Roxio, so you overwrite it’s files if you install ezcd. I think Roxio put out a version that works with XP, but I wouldn’t try it myself for the reason above.

Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum isn’t compatible with Windows XP.

There used to be a multi-step fix for it (which I installed when I first went to XP), but I seem to remember having some problems afterwards. Actually, now that I think of it, it worked, but I got a new CD-Writer that wasn’t compatible with EZCD 5.

You can check out to see if they still have the update and instructions.

I think Easy CD Creator 6 works fine, and I have had good luck with Nero Burning ROM. I think I actually like Nero best.

The program works fine otherwise. It’s just the Sound Editor section that isn’t behaving.

maybe he already has the patched version of 5.0 then. I’ve got nothing else for ya. sorry.

I’ve used 5.0 with XP before, but yeah, you have to patch it first. See if he has all the latest patches, I guess; maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling it.